208 Duecento Otto: New Food & Drinks Menu

If you’re looking for a consistently good Italian restaurant in Hong Kong, look no further than 208 Duecento Otto. I’ve been a big fan of 208 for awhile now and was incredibly excited to try the new food and drinks menu (despite thinking it couldn’t get much better than it already was). Well, I was certainly wrong: 208 Duecento Otto’s new dishes, curated by Chef Michael Bolam are just as delicious and ever-reliable, and the cocktails are made to your liking under the watchful eye of mixologist James Barker.


208 drink
Cannella – House Bellini

Start your meal off with an aperitivo (James recommends the Fiore with Suze gentian liqueur and soda, and we certainly agreed). Afterwards, be sure to try one of the new house bellini’s – I had the Cannella, made with Amaretto di Saronno pear, cinnamon, and prosecco. The Cannella had the perfect amount of sweetness to it, with an overlying cinnamon aroma that completed the drink.


208 fig crostini
Fig, Curd, & Vincotto Crostini (HK$78)
208 arincini
Mushroom Arancini (HK$78)

Aside from looking fantastic, the Fig, Curd, & Vincotto Crostini (HK$78) were a beautiful combination of flavours and textures. The fresh fig and creamy curd paired well together and added a smooth texture to the crunchy crostini. The Mushroom Arancini (HK$78) is a great bar snack; crispy on the outside and filled with rice, cheese, and mushroom on the inside. These fried rice balls come on top of some delicious truffle mayo to give it that extra boost of flavour.


208 tuscan pizza
Tuscan Pizza (HK$198)
208 lobster
Slipper Lobster, Garlic Rosini (HK$248)

If you’ve never tried a pizza from 208 Duecento Otto, you’re missing out on some of the best Hong Kong has to offer. It’s painful to find good pizza in this city, but thankfully 208 knows how to do it just right. Case in point: the Tuscan (HK$198), made with mozzarella, goat cheese, semi-dried tomato, crispy bacon, and garlic. When the Slipper Lobster, Garlic Rosini (HK$248) came out, I wasn’t too sure about the sauce being poured all over the lobster, however, the lobster was incredibly fresh and full of flavour, and the rosini (orzo) was SO creamy. I’m not a huge fan of rice/risotto, but this rosini won me over instantly – I could have lapped up the entire bowl easily.


208 brownie
Warm Chocolate Fudge Brownie (HK$88)
208 rum
Hot Buttered Rum

If you enjoy rich desserts, the Warm Chocolate Fudge Brownie (HK$88) is a must and certainly lived up to its name. We washed down our chewy brownie with a glass of Hot Buttered Rum, which was actually poured at our table out of a glass teacup (#impressed). Made with Gosling’s dark rum, Cointreau, chardonnay, butter, aromatic, and bitters, this is definitely a strong drink to end your meal. Not a fan of strong drinks? Order the espresso martini.


208 Duecento Otto’s new food and drink menu is a great addition to their already fantastic dishes. Serving up hearty Italian food, 208 is a definite favourite of mine in Hong Kong. Good vibes and friendly service make it easy to come back again and again and again..

208 Duecento Otto
208 Hollywood Road
Sheung Wan 

Tel: 2549 0208

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