65 Peel 何蘭正: Seriously good vibes, local craft beer, and fried chicken.

If you’re looking for an easy going, low-key bar with good vibes and a wide selection of local craft beer, 65 Peel 何蘭正 is your answer. I’ve walked by this popular bar at the corner of Peel and Elgin St. dozens of times, and its minimalist decor and constant buzz have always intrigued me. Whether you’re with one friend or four, 65 Peel 何蘭正 is a great place to go after work or on the weekend for a few local beers while you tuck into a plate of some delicious fried chicken and fries.

Vibe at 65 Peel 何蘭正

From the street, 65 Peel 何蘭正 has two entrance ways; one where you can see into the bar and the other where you can peak into the dining area (so long as the crowds haven’t taken over the stools lining those entrances). The staff are friendly, and the decor is cool, modern, and hip. There is seating along the bar (which I preferred when there was just two of us), smaller tables to fit up to four people, and a large picnic-esque table in the middle. To sum it up in laymen’s terms, I really, really liked the atmosphere at 65 Peel 何蘭正.


Signature Pale Ale from LionRock Brewery (HK$80)

65 Peel 何蘭正 has a wide variety of local craft beer on tap (they had 12 different kinds when I went) that apparently rotate every few months. I loved that they give the flavour points, ABV, IBU, and what brewery the beer is from on the menu, making the already tough decision on what to order a bit more simple. They also have a long list of bottled beers if what you’re looking for isn’t on tap. The Signature Pale Ale from LionRock Brewery (HK$80) was just what I was looking for that night; something light, fruity, and refreshing.


French Fries (HK$70)
Molten Cheese (HK$85)
Mini Burgers: Beef & Lobster (HK$108)
Ho L Jeng Crispy Chicken (HK$92)

I often have a hard time of not ordering french fries when I see them on the menu, especially if beer is involved. Unsurprisingly, I ordered the French Fries (HK$70) with sauce bravo and aioli. Not that it’s hard to mess up french fries, but these were addictive and had a light, slightly spicy seasoning. I wasn’t expecting the Molten Cheese (HK$85) with honey and apricot to come to our table looking quite as fancy considering 65 Peel 何蘭正 has much more of a bar vibe than a restaurant. Though I did like the cheese and apricot combination, I’m not sure the plating suited the restaurant’s style. One of their new menu items was the Mini Burgers: Beef & Lobster (HK$108), which was recommended by our waiter. I had the lobster slider, which I wasn’t a huge fan of, but my friend said the burger slider was really good (#thisiswhyidontsharefood). By far, our favourite dish of the night was the Ho L Jeng Crispy Chicken (HK$92). The chicken pieces were huge and tender (you could easily pull pieces of meat off), and it wasn’t oily at all. The fried chicken here is a must order and is easily some of the best I’ve ever had.


If you’re looking for a bar in Central where you can enjoy a range of local craft beer in a fun, but laid-back setting, I couldn’t recommend 65 Peel 何蘭正 enough. Though I wasn’t in love with a few of the dishes, I would come back in a heartbeat to enjoy a pint of beer and a plate of dangerously good fried chicken, in the funky-friendly atmosphere that 65 Peel 何蘭正 has created.

65 Peel 何蘭正
65 Peel Street

Tel: 2342 2224

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