ALTO Hong Kong: A New Modern Grill With Unparalleled Views Of Victoria Harbour

Dining Concepts, the ever-expanding restaurant group, has opened yet another restaurant venue in the foodie-mecca of Causeway Bay; ALTO Hong Kong. Located on the 31st floor of the new V Point Building, ALTO offers diners stunning views of Victoria Harbour in a modern, minimalist setting designed by Tom Dixon. As for the food, ALTO’s focus is on a modern grill menu, offering a variety of intriguing dishes that use classic ingredients and are visually impressive.

Vibe At ALTO Hong Kong

When I arrived for dinner, the dining area was dark, save for the hundreds of soft-glowing round lights scattered throughout the ceiling. Thanks to the large windows all along the one side of the restaurant, you can embrace the unparalleled views of Victoria Harbour, regardless of where you’re seated. ALTO, Hong Kong’s simple yet sleek interior, and breathtaking views of the harbour will turn your average meal into an experience.


alto hong kong - foie gras
Foie Gras with almond spiced waffle, spiced peach (HK$178)
alto hong kong - cheese fondue
Fontina Cheese Fondue (HK$158)

Though foie gras is not something I would normally order at a restaurant, ALTO’s Foie Gras (HK$178) with almond spiced waffle and peach was a real treat. The cinnamon flavour in the waffle and peach helped to balance out the often strong taste of the foie gras. If you’re a cheese lover, you’d be amiss not to try the Fontina Cheese Fondue (HK$158) with grilled ciabatta. This gooey mess of melted cheese had a mild, nutty flavour and was sinfully delicious.


alto hong kong - steak selection
From the top left: Hanger Steak 12oz (HK$398), Ribeye 14oz (HK$398), Sirloin 14oz (HK$378)
alto hong kong - pierogi
Pierogi with edamame puree and beetroot, carrot (HK$158)

Given ALTO’s claim as a modern grill, you can’t leave without trying a few dishes from this part of the menu. We ended up ordering three different cuts of meat: Hanger Steak 12oz (HK$398), Ribeye 14oz (HK$398), and Sirloin 14oz (HK$378) with a variety of sauces. The table’s favourite was the ribeye, though we loved how the sirloin was served on a salt slab, which kept adding to the overall flavour throughout the meal. Accompanying our steak, we tried an array of sides, of which I would recommend the roasted cauliflower with parmesan cheese, and the roasted mushrooms with balsamic vinegar and hazelnut. When I saw that there were pierogies on the menu, I was equally perplexed as I was intrigued since I don’t think I’ve ever seen pierogies on a menu in HK and since I grew up with my Nana making massive batches of homemade pierogies. ALTO’s Pierogi with edamame puree, beetroot, and carrot (HK$158) was surprisingly good, however, I do prefer them boiled instead of fried and with a good dollop of sour cream on the side.


alto hong kong - dessert
From the top: Dark Chocolate Butter Cake (HK$88), Crispy Banana (HK$78), Cheesecake (HK$68)

Everyone at our table drooled over ALTO’s Dark Chocolate Butter Cake (HK$88) with caramel sauce and a slab of smokey bacon ice cream. One bite of the delicious dark chocolate cake reveals a moist, rich, and chewy center that was irresistible. Since bananas are one of my favourite fruit, I was looking forward to the Crispy Banana (HK$78) with gianduja cream and vanilla ice cream, however, the batter was a bit too thick for my liking, overpowering the banana. We ended with a beautifully presented Cheesecake (HK$68) wrapped in a dark chocolate shell with a raspberry coulis. The crunchy chocolate exterior paired well with the smooth cream cheese filling, and the raspberry added a lighter touch to the otherwise rich dessert.


If you’re looking for a restaurant to impress, look no further than ALTO Hong Kong. A delight for all senses; beautiful decor, unparalleled views of Victoria Harbour, and a wide range of delectable dishes, ALTO is one of the new restaurant openings in the city that you don’t want to miss.

ALTO Hong Kong
31/F, V Point Building
18 Tang Lung Street
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong

Tel: 2603 7181

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