Beef and Liberty Brunch: Unique Dishes, Unbeatable Value

Beef and Liberty has recently opened up in California Tower in LKF, boasting an incredibly large dining area with ample seating outside on the terrace, and a beautiful open kitchen and bar. While most people are familiar with Beef and Liberty’s burgers, this is their first location to serve a weekend brunch (that doesn’t just consist of burgers and fries). There is something for everyone on the Beef and Liberty brunch menu; from granola and yogurt to a mac ‘n cheese sandwich, the vibe is great, and nothing is over HK$80, which is unheard of in Hong Kong. Basically, this is one kick-ass brunch.

Vibe At Beef and Liberty Brunch

The first thing I noticed was how big the restaurant actually is (for Hong Kong standards, at least); there is ample indoor seating as well as three separated terraces for those that like to eat outside. The kitchen is semi-open and the bar is also open at the back, which I’m always a fan of. Expect bright lighting, welcoming staff, and comfortable yet modern decor that gives off plenty of good vibes.


Mac ‘n Cheese Sandwich (HK$68)
Beans & Liberty (HK$78)
Eggs & Soldiers (HK$48)

If you love mac n cheese (which is hopefully all of you), you must order the Mac ‘n Cheese Sandwich (HK$68) with elbow pasta, Isle of Mull cheddar, parmesan, creme fraiche, and bacon jam on the side. The sandwich was cheesy without being overly messy, and made for a fun alternative to your traditional mac ‘n cheese. We also ordered the Beans & Liberty (HK$78) without being entirely sure what to expect, and fell in love with the way this dish was presented when it came to our table. While it did look great, the combination of braised white beans, slow roasted pork shoulder, pork crackling, and a soft poached egg didn’t exactly blow us away. My favourite of the three dishes we had was the Eggs & Soldiers (HK$48), in part because of the super cute presentation as well as the super sweet maple bacon. Just cut off the top of the crispy battered eggs, dip either the toast or bacon into the runny yolk, enjoy, and repeat.


The King (HK$78)

I had heard a lot of talk about Beef and Liberty’s The King (HK$78), made with nutella, caramelized banana, roasted hazelnut, and crispy bacon, all sandwiched between a cinnamon sugar bun, which meant that, despite being incredibly full, we ordered one to share. Even though it literally had every ingredient I loved inside, I wasn’t wowed (perhaps because I was so full and this was just far too sweet). I would recommend ordering this if you haven’t gone too crazy on mains and have saved some room for a very sugary dessert.


The Beef and Liberty brunch might just take home the 1st prize for HK’s best valued brunch of 2016. Dishes are not only cheap, but the presentation is #instagramworthy, and the overall quality and taste of each item we tried was spot-on. I don’t often go back to restaurants after trying them once (there’s just too much damn choice in this city!), but I’d absolutely make an exception for the Beef and Liberty brunch.

 You can opt to add on a two-hour free-flow package for HK$178, which includes red/white wine, prosecco, bloody mary, and draught beer. 

Beef and Liberty 
3/F California Tower 
30-32 D’Aguilar Street
Hong Kong 

Tel: 2450 5778

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