Bindaas Hong Kong: New Modern Indian Summer Menu

While there’s no lack of Indian restaurants, Bindaas Hong Kong sets itself apart from the others. The menu focuses on dishes found throughout India – from street food to curries – with a modern flare. Just like the food, the decor of Bindaas is also colorful and contemporary. Having recently given its menu a summer makeover, I was excited to head back to Bindaas to try a handful of their new dishes.

Street Corner

bindaas hong kong- chicken naanza
Chicken Kali Miri ‘NaanZa’ (HK$128)

bindaas hong kong - chaat
Tokri Chaat (HK$88)
Bindaas has its own twist on pizza, called ‘NaanZa’ (almost like pizza made with Indian toppings on top of naan bread), which I tried the last time I was there and loved. Since then, they have added a few different flavour combinations to the menu, including the Chicken Kali Miri ‘NaanZa’ (HK$128). I loved the strong aroma yet subtle taste of the black pepper braised chicken and onions on top of a layer of pepper sauce. We also tried Bindaas’ take on a common Indian street food: chaat. The Tokri Chaat (HK$88) was a massive mound of lentil dumplings, yogurt sauce, and boiled black gram all piled into a crispy potato basket. While we were all impressed with the presentation and size of this dish, we felt it needed a stronger flavour to stand out.

Small Plates

bindaas hong kong - dosa
‘Dosa’ Chili Cheese Roast (HK$98)

bindaas hong kong - fish fry
Anaa’s Fish Fry (HK$138)

bindaas hong kong - lamb chaap
‘Dum’ Lamb Chaap (HK$158)
Despite not looking like much when it arrived at our table, the ‘Dosa’ Chili Cheese Roast (HK$98) was one of our favourite dishes of the evening. The combination of cheese and chili stuffing inside mini rice pancakes, and red and white chutney made for an incredibly delicious snack. While I didn’t mind Anaa’s Fish Fry (HK$138) – Bindaas’ version of a classic fish and chips – we were unsure of the the fillets; the flavour seemed to lie in a grey area between tasting like fish and chicken. The char-grilled Australian lamb chops, or ‘Dum’ Lamb Chaap (HK$158), paired well the homemade mustard and raw mango chutney sauces on the side, as they were a bit bland on their own.


bindaas hong kong - nargisi kofte, chicken khada masala, paneer palak, naan
From the top left: Nargisi Kofte (HK$168), Chicken Khada Masala (HK$158), Butter Naan Bread, Paneer Palak (HK$128)
Despite consuming enough calories for the day thus far, we were just approaching the main event: curries. The Nargisi Kofte (HK$168) was an interesting take on your traditional Scottish Eggs, consisting of minced goat meat crusted boiled eggs in a special ‘hyderabadi’ brown curry. Being a massive fan of eggs myself, I thought I would gobble this dish right up, however, it didn’t do it for me.  My favourite curry of the evening was the Chicken Khada Masala (HK$158). The braised boneless chicken was tender and soaked up the rich flavours of the thick curry sauce. For the vegetarians and cheese-lovers out there, the Paneer Palak (HK$128) is a great option, albeit a bit on the expensive side for veg Indian food.


bindaas hong kong - shahi tukda
Shahi Tukda a la Bindaas V3.0 (HK$88)

bindaas hong kong - chai tea
Hot Masala Cutting Chai
I normally like to stick with what I know when it comes to dessert – for Indian, that means gulab jamun, but I was excited to try something new: Shahi Tukda a la Bindaas V3.0 (HK$88). The delicious fried dough with aromatic syrup and creamy saffron foam was a match made in dessert heaven. Pair dessert with a glass of Hot Masala Cutting Chai, and you’ve got yourself the perfect ending to a very filling meal.

Verdict On Bindaas Hong Kong’s New Menu

I’ve always been a big fan of Bindaas Hong Kong, however, I found their new summer menu to consist of some dishes that just weren’t as good as the last time I was here.  That being said, the dishes that were good, were really good. The new menu still has potential; adding a punch of flavour to some of the more subtle dishes will help to give them a more authentic Indian taste. Either way, if you haven’t been to Bindaas, I would highly recommend checking it out for a unique Indian dining experience in Hong Kong.

Bindaas Hong Kong
33 Aberdeen Street
Hong Kong 

Tel: 2447 9998

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