Blue Butcher Review: New Lunch Menu

A few weeks ago Foodie Club teamed up with Maximal Concepts for the first section of their MaxFoodLab challenge: The Ultimate Fast Food Burger.  As part of this partnership, Foodie had 90 burgers to give away from Blue Butcher for lunch over three days. I was lucky and quick enough to get a hold of one of these freebies!

I had never been to Blue Butcher prior, so I figured this would be a good way to check the place out and write a review. I obviously didn’t want to go alone, so I asked (not forcibly at all..) a friend to come along with me. Thankfully they agreed to pay full price for Blue Butcher’s new lunch menu (note: this new lunch special has not been updated on their website) from 12:00 – 3:00 pm.

Blue Butcher Review: The Restaurant
If you’re on Hollywood Road looking at Blue Butcher, you might not think there’s much to it; a few spots to sit outside, and a cute, cozy, and casual little bar inside, however…



Don’t be fooled.. Head up the rustic flight of stairs and you’ll find yourself transported into a large dining area with an interesting mix of modern and historic decor, and design.


Blue Butcher Review: The Food
Now, moving on to what really counts.. Blue Butcher has introduced a new lunch menu that is comprised of a cold starter buffet (tomato and basil salad, Belgium endive, mixed green salad, macaroni salad, and classic caesar), which was unfortunately nothing too special. I was expecting there to be more of a variety, as opposed to all of the starters being salad-based. The tomato and basil, and macaroni salad were tasty, but nothing special. This starter buffet was definitely not worthy of a $180 price tag.


For the main course, you had a choice of Southern fried chicken, USDA rib eye (for an additional $60), a black Angus burger, or the BBQ beef brisket. We both just had the burger, which I had extremely high expectations for considering this burger normally costs $190 on the dinner menu. Yet again I was let down. The presentation was great – it came out on a wooden platter, and looked nice and big – however, the burger was plain. The patty seemed to lack a distinct taste. I don’t know about you, but regardless of how many toppings I put on a burger, I still want to and should be able to taste the burger itself. The bun was quite large and lacked flavour (not to mention it had extra flour on top of the bun, creating one very messy mouth).

Unlimited fries were also included, which was obviously very exciting. However, if you want to get all fancy you can pay an extra $30 to add black truffle and Parmesan or an extra $20 to add melted mozzarella and cheddar. We stuck with the “included” unlimited plain fries. For the third time this meal, we were generally disappointed. The fries that were presented on the plate were tasty. However, when we ordered more, they were very oily and crunchy, as though they had been hanging out in the deep fryer for too long. I was hoping we’d be getting treated to some thick cut fries (am I asking for too much here?)!


As for service, the wait staff were pleasant and made their way around the tables in good time. However, it took well over 30 minutes for our main course to come out, which meant a) I was absolutely famished for far too long (since I had the free burger, I wasn’t able to enjoy the salad bar. My friend also didn’t want to stuff their belly with salad before the main, so we both suffered some serious hunger pains), and b) we definitely weren’t able to get our fill of the “all you can eat” fries, since by the time our main came out we only had about 30 minutes left before they closed the kitchen.

I’m not quite convinced that Blue Butcher is worth another try. The ambiance of the restaurant was great, I only wish the food was of higher standard. Perhaps going to a dinner service would offer better quality.. Anyone have any suggestions on the menu?

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