Bondi Coastal Walk to Coogee, Sydney

Bondi is arguably Australia’s most popular, well-known beach, so paying a visit to this long stretch of golden sand and crystal blue water is a given when in Sydney. While spending the day basking in the sun on Bondi would be a day well spent, putting your walking shoes on and doing the Bondi coastal walk to Coogee should not be missed. This scenic walk takes you along the coast, past six beautiful beaches, and a number of other Instagram-worthy viewpoints. I did the Bondi coastal walk twice while in Sydney and would have done it again if I’d had the time.

Below is a list of all the beaches you’ll see as you make your way along the Bondi coastal walk to Coogee. The walk is around 5 km and takes about 1.5 hours one way, but I’d tack on a bit of extra time for photo-taking, simply enjoying the views, and swimming at some of the beaches. The walk is also incredibly easy to navigate; there are signs throughout and you literally just follow a paved path the entire way (meaning no chance of you getting lost).

Bondi Beach

bondi-coastal-walk-bondi bondi-coastal-walk-icebergs

Bondi Beach is your starting point for the Bondi coastal walk to Coogee. Make your way towards South Bondi and continue to follow the walking path past Icebergs (second photo above). You’ll likely see quite a few people decked out in the latest Lululemon attire and/or fellow tourists with cameras hanging off their neck.. Just follow this crowd if you think you’re lost.

Tamarama Beach


Tamarama is the second beach you’ll pass after about 15/20 minutes of walking from Bondi. The beach is quite small and has a cute cafe (where we stopped for a flat white to go) on the far side as well as a relatively large grassy park area behind it.

Bronte Beach

bondi-coastal-walk-bronte-beach bondi-coastal-walk-bronte

The next beach, Bronte, is right around the corner from Tamarama and is much more popular with locals and tourists alike. Though not as big as Bondi, it is bigger than Tamarama and has an ocean pool (second photo above) at the far end. One thing I do like about Bronte is that there is a section of water along the beach that is surrounded by rocks, which means no waves crashing into you as you’re wading out into the water.

Waverley Cemetery


Normally, the Bondi coastal walk would take you along the coast of the Waverley Cemetery, but because of storms this past June, the walkway is closed off. Instead, the detour takes you right through the cemetery, which is actually home to many important and prominent individuals, hence the intricate, unique, and large gravestones throughout.

Clovelly Beach

bondi-coastal-walk-clovelly-beach bondi-coastal-walk-clovelly

Clovelly Beach, despite being quite narrow, has ample pavement space along either side of the water to sunbathe on. Though maybe not the most comfortable, it certainly makes for much less of a sandy mess when you get home and you can just dive right into the water from the edge.

Gordons Bay


Halfway between Clovelly and Coogee is where you’ll find Gordons Bay. Though it may not look that nice in comparison to the other beaches, the waters are calm and there’s more of a chill no-kids vibe here.

Coogee Beach


The last beach along the Bondi coastal walk is Coogee Beach, which I found to be quite similar to Bondi, just not as big. There are a few restaurants and cafes along the beach as you first walk in, as well as plenty more up and down the streets across the road. One thing I loved about Coogee Beach? You’re allowed to drink alcohol on the grass area behind the beach (just not on the actual beach). One thing I didn’t love about Coogee Beach? Because of this, there were tonnes of bottle caps and broken pieces of glass scattered along the grass area.

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