Bones n Blades: A New Butcher/Restaurant Concept In Sai Ying Pun

Looking to buy meat from the butcher and eat it right then and there without actually having to cook (because, Hong Kong)? Well, French Creation’s newest concept, Bones n Blades has you covered. Nestled in Sai Ying Pun, Bones n Blades offers a variety of premium cuts of meat that you can buy and bring home. Or, if you’re feeling a bit too famished (read: lazy) and can’t wait, pop over to Quarter Master next door and you can have that meat prepared for you.

Vibe at Bones n Blades

When you walk through the door at Bones n Blades, you’ll be greeted with a friendly smile and a whole lot of information about meat (perfect for people like me who enjoy eating, not cooking). Great for larger parties, a small group, or date night, Bones n Blades is sure to have something to suit your needs. What’s more, their meat is bought from smaller family operated farms from around the world, so you can assure your meat is sustainable. The restaurant, Quarter Master, is cozy, bright, and lively.

The Meat

bones n blades - steak tartare
Steak Tartare (HK$160)
bones n blades - hanger steak
OBE Hanger Steak (HK$180 ($60/100g))
bones n blades - lamb
Lamb Medallions Hawke’s Bay (HK$270 ($120/100g))

After having a tour around Bones n Blades, we were ready to sit down at Quarter Master to sample a few different cuts of meat from the butcher. We began with a very interesting Steak Tartare (HK$160) where plenty of spices were present. While I think they succeeded in making their tartare unique, it took away from the taste of the high quality meat. Next up we tried the OBE Hanger Steak (HK$180 ($60/100g)); typically meant to be a full-flavoured cut of meat, I found the steak here to be tough and without the typical “hanger steak taste”. Lastly, we tried the Lamb Medallions Hawke’s Bay (HK$270 ($120/100g)). Overall, I thought the lamb was cooked perfectly, but could have used a bit more seasoning to add more flavour (ironically opposite to my thoughts on the tartare).


While I do love the butcher/restaurant concept of Bones n Blades and Quarter Master, the restaurant side might have to work on its execution a bit more to ensure that the high quality meats from the butcher are still of high quality once they’re grilled. On a positive note, I found the price point to be very fair for Hong Kong, and the service and vibe were great. I was told the sausages were a must-try, however, they were completely sold out on the night I went (maybe, just maybe, warranting another visit).

Bones n Blades / Quarter Master 
1 Second Street
Sai Ying Pun 
Hong Kong 

Tel: 2540 0052 (Bones n Blades) / 2517 4266 (Quarter Master)

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