The Butchers Club Private Kitchen: A 5-Star Dining Experience

With private dining being an evermore popular option for diners in Hong Kong, one of the older and more well-known establishments is The Butchers Club Private Kitchen. Though slightly out of the way, tucked in the south of the island in Tin Wan, this dining experience is well-worth the trip (and the price tag). This is a meal you want to ensure you arrive hungry for, as you’ll be feasting on an array of some of the best seafood and meat you’re likely to find in the city.

Vibe At The Butchers Club Private Kitchen

butchers club private kitchen 2 butchers club private kitchen

You’ll likely think you’re lost as you approach the industrial building that The Butchers Club Private Kitchen is located in, but fret not. When you enter through the large white door, you will find yourself surrounded by simple, almost rustic decor on one side of the room and a large open-space kitchen on the other. You’ll be introduced to the chefs who explain the dishes you’ll be having and the server ensures your glass is never empty. The feeling is intimate and homey.

Hors d’oeurvres

butchers club amuse bouche
House made Wagyu Pastrami on a rye bagel / Caviar and cured coral trout on a potato blini

We began with an amuse bouche that was presented in a hollowed-out old book. The house made wagyu pastrami on a rye bagel with house made butter and onion jam looked simple enough, yet the fine flavour of the pastrami and onion jam combined together to make this a bagel I could eat everyday for lunch. Alongside the bagel was the caviar and cured coral trout on a potato blini with sour cream and dill. The ingredients were slightly more complex and equally as satisfying.

The Butchers Club’s Famous Seafood Trough

butchers club seafood

After getting a tour into The Butchers Club Private Kitchen’s dry age room, we came back to find this edible masterpiece gracing our table. Taking things to the next level, this seafood trough was filled with freshly shucked Coffin Bay Oysters, Nova Scotia lobster ceviche, smoked Alaskan King Crab and avocado salad, farmed Australian Blue Fin Tuna poke, and finally cured Coffin Bay Oyster shooters. This was one of the most impressive things we’ve ever been presented with at a dinner and we slurped up every last piece of seafood there was.

Baked South Australian Mussels with Chorizo / Roasted Bone Marrow

butchers club mussels butchers club bone marrow

We obsessed over the baked South Australian Mussels with chorizo and fennel broth; a perfect match in texture and flavour. Along with the mussels came a plate of roasted bone marrow with parsley and lemon salad and caramelized shallots and Nick’s famous bread with dry aged beef fat and dark ale, both of which were an absolute delight for our taste-buds. As one of us so eloquently put it, the bone marrow was literally like eating “meat-butter” and the bread made for the perfect dipping tool.

The Big Beef Experience

butchers club chefbutchers club steak

Before our massive meat feast came, executive chef Tom Brimble came to our table, with massive slab of meat in hand (the actual piece that he would be cooking for us!), to talk about the the beef we’d be dining on. We had ordered a custom dry aged 300 day grain fed Rangers Valley “Black Onyx” Rib that was cooked to a medium rare, as recommended. This was some of the most tender and rich meat we have ever tried – we could have used a butter knife to cut through each piece. Accompanying the meat was their triple cooked duck fat fries (a delicious heart attack waiting to happen) and a butter lettuce and heirloom tomato salad with ranch dressing, along with an array of sauces. Let the drooling begin.


butchers club dessert

To finish off our 5-star dining experience, we each had half a classic key lime pie and NY style cheesecake with blueberries, though it kind of tasted like they were both lime cheesecake. Regardless, they were delicious and we managed to scarf down our dessert despite having little room left in our stomachs.


Real talk: this is hands-down an incredible experience that you should take advantage of if you’re living in Hong Kong. Albeit pretty pricey at HK$1000/person + HK$450/kg of beef for a minimum of 10 people, the high quality and quantity of food, and unique private dining atmosphere make The Butchers Club Private Kitchen an indulgence that should not be missed.

The Butchers Club Private Kitchen 
13C Sun Ying Industrial Center 
9 Tin Wan Close
Hong Kong 

For inquiries, email: 

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