Casa Lisboa: Modern Portuguese dining in a newly renovated location

Casa Lisboa formerly occupied a floor in the LKF Tower for a number of years until it silently closed its doors in preparation to move. I’ll be honest: I had no idea it was relocating to Wyndham Street until I walked by the building and saw a sign in the lobby. Given that my last experience at Casa Lisboa wasn’t too enjoyable, I was skeptical about trying it again. After a bit of debating, I figured as long as I kept my expectations low, it wouldn’t hurt (this mentality can be applied to almost anything, mainly dating). The decor has completely changed for the better, and the food is much more appetizing, both in taste and how it is presented.

Vibe at the new Casa Lisboa

Casa Lisboa underwent a complete makeover after they moved to their new location. They went from old, drab decor to a bright, modern design with plenty of blue and white decor. When I walked through the doors, it felt like I was stepping into an entirely new restaurant, which I imagine is what they were going for. The restaurant lets in ample amounts of natural light through the floor to ceiling windows that span across the wall.


Piri-Piri Quail (HK$180)
Portuguese Octopus Confit (HK$280)
As a fan of Nando’s (I mean, who isn’t?), I was looking forward to trying the Piri-Piri Quail (HK$180). The fennel underneath the quail was lit before arriving at our table, giving it an aromatic, smokey flavor. While I did really like the overall taste, it was a bit of a struggle to eat it and unfortunately there wasn’t much meat on each piece. The Portuguese Octopus Confit (HK$280) was infused with Moscatel wine, adding a semi-sweet flavor, however I would have preferred the octopus to have a slightly crispier exterior.


Duck Rice Lisboa Style (HK$180)
A5 Grade Flame-grilled Chunk Rib “Preguinho” (HK$380)
My favorite dish of this meal goes to the Duck Rice Lisboa Style (HK$180) with chorizo and slow-roasted pork belly. The broth uses fresh duck bones to cook the rice, making what might normally be a simple dish irresistible (no, literally – I couldn’t stop eating this). You’ll find tender shredded duck meat throughout and I loved how crispy the top bits of rice were. Half of the A5 Grade Flame-grilled Chunk Rib “Preguinho” (HK$380) was fantastic, but the other half was far too fatty for my liking. The sous vide beef is served with a side of mustard and cheese sauce, though I’m not sure the flavor of the cheese sauce complimented the beef.


Pineapple, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Pistachio Sponge Raviolis (HK$75)
“Chocolates with Bread” (HK$80)
All eyes at our table darted towards our waiter when the Pineapple, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Pistachio Sponge Raviolis (HK$75) were brought over. Pineapple slices that have been seasoned in a syrup of sugar and spices were placed over a scoop of ice cream and homemade pistachio sponge cake. I really liked the flavor and texture combination of this dessert, but there was a chunk in the middle that was frozen. We also tried the “Chocolates with Bread” (HK$80) – a popular children’s snack in Portugal. This dessert is made with extra virgin olive oil caviar, homemade crisps and chocolate mousse. This seemingly odd mix of ingredients was a slightly sweet, but light way to end our meal


Casa Lisboa has made quite a few improvements after their relocation, most notably in the decor and general atmosphere of the restaurant. While I did enjoy many of their dishes, Casa Lisboa is really going to have to step up their game if they want to compete with the never-ending amount of restaurants that pop up just as fast as they close down in this city.

Casa Lisboa 
2/F, Parekh House
63 Wyndham Street

Tel: 2905 1168

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