A City Escape In Bitan Taipei (why you should go & what you should do)

While the hustle and bustle of Taipei can be thrilling for a few days, sometimes you just need to escape. Cue Bitan Taipei (literally, “green lake”): a small, relaxing area only a short MRT ride from the city center. Though the weather was not on my side when I went, I enjoyed wandering about and taking in the riverside beauty (or at least what I imagined it to look like with clear blue skies!). Bitan is also the MRT station you need to get off at if you’re taking the public bus to Wulai, making it well worth your time to spend a few hours in the morning here before heading to the hot springs in Wulai.

How To Get To Bitan Taipei

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Only a 30 or so minute MRT ride from Taipei, Bitan is located on the last stop on the green line going south; Xindian Station. Once you exit the station, turn left down Xindian Road until you reach Bitandiao Bridge (a well-known suspension bridge that you can cross the river on). Basically everything to do in Bitan is a stone-throw away from here.

Things To Do In Bitan Taipei

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Bitan Taipei is essentially a riverside park area that is popular with tourists and locals alike. People come here for the riverside restaurants, pedal boats, suspension bridge, and local snacks.

The suspension bridge is really beautiful (even on a crappy day) and connects the two neighbourhoods on opposite sides of the river, both of which are filled with great food and lovely sights. Cross the bridge to get to a hiking trail (starts just on your left after the bridge) that offers great photo ops of the opposite side of the river with its colorful houses and restaurants along the water. If the weather is cooperating, you can rent a pedal boat for a few hours and coast along the river. Afterwards, head to a riverside restaurant for a bite to eat or onto the street for an array of Taiwanese snacks.

Once you’ve had enough of Bitan, hop on the bus to Wulai for a day filled with more adventures! For more information on Wulai, read my other blog posts on: the hot springs, what to eat, and 5 things to do in Wulai

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