Deng G Chengdu Bistro & Baijiu Bar: Sichuan Food For All

The newly opened Deng G Chengdu Bistro & Baijiu Bar in Wan Chai promises diners a great Sichuan meal full of flavour and a bit of spice in a refined setting. Helmed by Chef Deng Huadong, a well-respected chef in China, Deng G is perfect for those who are long-time lovers of spicy food as well as those who have never tried Sichuan cuisine before. Whether you remain down at the bar for after work drinks and snacks, or head up to the restaurant for a full-blown feast, Deng G will leave your stomach satisfied and your tongue peppery.

Vibe At Deng G

The first floor of Deng G is the Baijiu Bar; the perfect spot for drinks before heading upstairs to the restaurant for dinner. On both floors you can expect chic decor with cool blue and green colors in a minimalist setting. The staff are friendly and helpful, despite a few communication hiccups throughout our meal (I seriously need to learn Cantonese).


From the front left: Yu Xiang Prawns, Okra, Sliced Pork, Dry Bean Curd Sheet, Roasted Eggplant, Shredded Chicken (HK$60 – $80)

We began with an array of starters to compliment our glass of Sauvignon Blanc. My favourites were the Yu Xiang Prawns, Roasted Eggplant, and Shredded Chicken (perhaps because they were the most familiar to my Western palate..).


Dry Braised Fish Maw
Crispy Fish in Spicy Sauce
Mapo Tofu

We ordered a handful of mains to go around the table, starting with a massive bowl of something that initially looked like a mix between tofu and cabbage: Dry Braised Fish Maw. Being an expat in Hong Kong, I had never tried fish maw before, let alone had a) any desire to, and b) any clue what it actually was. At first, I was reluctant to try some, but after hearing praise from others at the table, I gave it a go. To my pleasant surprise, it was actually delicious (it’s quite similar to tofu in that it absorbs the taste of whatever it’s cooked in) and apparently it’s great for your skin (which might explain a few things). My favourite main of the evening was one of their signature dishes: Crispy Fish in Spicy Sauce. Aside from the grande presentation, the fish had a crispy exterior and a beautifully light interior with a slightly spicy aftertaste. Just when I thought the dishes at Deng G had been toned down spice-wise (I was expecting complete numbing of my mouth at this point), the Mapo Tofu came out. I won’t claim to be an expert on Sichuan cuisine and what an “authentic” dish of mapo tofu should taste like, but the entire table agreed that this was definitely the real deal.


Fermented Glutinous Rice in Ice Powder

To finish off a slightly spicy and oh-so satisfying dinner, we tried the Fermented Glutinous Rice in Ice Powder. Having not a clue what was put in front of me, I wasn’t sure what this bowl of odd ingredients would taste like. Thankfully, the interesting and complex mix of textures from the crunchy peanuts, to the chewy rice, and finally the smooth jelly, worked wonders together. As for the flavour, it was light and refreshing; a perfect way to end a spicy meal.


What I loved most about Deng G was how they seamlessly push out dishes that both seasoned Sichuan fanatics and the complete Sichuan newbie both adore. Perhaps not as strong as your typical local Sichuan joint, dishes at Deng G are full of flavour and just plain satisfying.

Deng G 
2/F, 147 Queen’s Road East
Wan Chai
Hong Kong 

Tel: 2609 2328 

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