Divino Recovery Brunch: A healthy and satisfying weekend alternative

I love to indulge in a free-flow weekend brunch, but there comes a point where drinking glass after glass of champagne on a Sunday afternoon becomes a bit excessive (yup, even for me). I felt like I needed to give my liver a break, so I tried Divino’s new weekend Recovery Brunch and really loved it. Although typically a after work and late night hot spot, I would definitely recommend trying the brunch here. The food was healthy and very filling, and I didn’t feel like the rest of my day was a waste thanks to a food and drink induced coma.

Divino Recovery Brunch Drinks

Lemon, Ginger, and Chili Detox Water (HK$58)

I started with a glass of refreshing Sweet Herbal Apple Detox Water (HK$58), unlike the glass of champagne that accompanied my brunch the day before. Divino serves up three different types of detox water and they’re all refillable, so you can try all three. The other two choices are a lemon, ginger, and chili water, and pomegranate infusion tea with mint.


Oven-baked Beetroot and Cottage Cheese (HK$138)
Chef’s “Healing Bowl” (HK$138)
Greek Yogurt and Granola Parfait (HK$98)

For our mains, we ordered the Oven-baked Beetroot and Cottage Cheese (HK$138) with 24 year balsamic and basil oil. The beetroot were delicious, and the subtle addition of cottage cheese added a nice contrasting, smooth texture. We also shared the Chef’s “Healing Bowl” (HK$138), comprised of quinoa, smoked salmon, avocado, capers, baby spinach, poached eggs, and pesto sauce. I loved everything about this dish – the poached eggs were perfect and there wasn’t too much sauce, which meant you could distinctly taste each ingredient. To finish up, we couldn’t resist the Greek Yogurt and Granola Parfait (HK$98) and were impressed right away with the beautiful, Instagram-worthy presentation. Layers of fat-free Greek yogurt, banana, berries, and granola, with fresh passion fruit and bee pollen sprinkles on top made this parfait utterly irresistible.


The Divino Recovery Brunch is a fantastic alternative to the endless boozy brunches available in Hong Kong. Not only were the brunch dishes at Divino healthy, but they were incredibly satisfying. I didn’t expect to leave this brunch feeling stuffed, but we literally waddled our way out of the restaurant.. at least it was all healthy, right?

Divino Wine Bar and Restaurant 
73 Wyndham Street

Tel: 2167 8883

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