Elephant Mountain, Taipei: The Best View Of The City

Google “things to do in Taipei” and you’ll find Elephant Mountain high on most lists, as it offers incredible views of the city without the cost of going up Taipei 101. Elephant Mountain Taipei is incredibly convenient to get to, as it’s on the Metro line and it’s only a short 20 minute climb up to the viewpoint. Once you get to the top, there are a few different vantage points you can head to in order to get that Insta-worthy snap.

 How to get to Elephant Mountain, Taipei

elephant mountain taipei 4

Make your way to¬†Xiangshan Station on the Metro – the last stop on the Red Line – and go out Exit 2. You’ll come out onto a straight street with a park (Zhongqiang Park) on your left; head all the way down the street. At the end of the street, turn left and head up a small incline (there will be signs posted for Elephant Mountain) and then turn right and walk a few more feet until you get to the entrance (see photo above).

The views from Elephant Mountain Taipei

elephant mountain taipei 2

elephant mountain taipei 3

After about 20 minutes of climbing up far too many stairs, your reward is an incredible view of Taipei City. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t exactly cooperating when we went up (will just have to plan another trip back to Taipei!), so the view of the city isn’t as clear as I would have liked. I would recommend heading up to Elephant Mountain Taipei late in the afternoon, say around 5:00 pm, (bring along some drinks and food, as there are a few picnic tables at the second view point you can walk up to) in order to see the city during the day, and as the sunsets and all of the city lights turn on.

elephant mountain taipei 5

After you head back down, you can walk to Taipei 101 in about 20 minutes. At the base there is a mall and the famous Din Tai Fung (if you don’t mind waiting in a never-ending queue), as well as a Metro stop to get you back home.

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