Fish School: New Menu To Satisfy Seafood Lovers

Fish School, Sai Ying Pun’s cozy seafood hideout, has recently launched a new menu filled with grilled, hot, cold, and specialty delights. In an effort put together by Fish School’s Culinary Director David Lai and Executive Chef Chris Ma, their new menu offers something for everyone. The prices of the main dishes may be a bit steep, but the intimate vibe of the restaurant (try to snag a seat at the chef’s counter) along with the high quality ingredients make Fish School a restaurant you should check out.

Vibe At Fish School

Fish School is tucked-away on Third Street in Sai Ying Pun. Upon walking in, you’ll notice the restaurant is comfortable yet dark, adding a bit of modern mystery to your meal. If you’re dining with only one other person, you’ll likely be seated at the chef’s counter (akin to sitting at the bar) where you’ll get to watch all of the food being prepped, which definitely adds a bit of entertainment value to your meal.


Lobster Popcorn (HK$175)
Heirloom Tomatoes & Housemade Ricotta Salad (HK$135)

Though it may not look like much in the photo above, the Lobster Popcorn (HK$175) was my absolute favourite dish of the evening. Who knew something so seemingly simple could taste so damn good (#genius)?! The serving was generous (though I would have preferred to not share) and the fried batter was light enough to not spoil the taste of the fresh lobster. Despite the fact that I was dining at a seafood restaurant, I opted to try the Heirloom Tomatoes & Housemade Ricotta Salad (HK$135), as it sounded too good to pass up. The salad was light, fresh, packed plenty of flavour, and the housemade ricotta cheese was fantastic.


Marinated Raw Crab & Sea Urchin Rice (HK$165)
Smoked Pigeon (HK$165)

The Marinated Raw Crab & Sea Urchin Rice (HK$165) is one of Fish School’s signature dishes and came highly recommended by our waiter. Not only did this dish receive an applause based on looks, the fresh flavours of the raw crab and uni paired unexpectedly well together. To mix things up a bit, we ordered the Smoked Pigeon (HK$165), as it was also recommended by our waiter. Unfortunately, I didn’t particularly like this dish; I found the pigeon to be quite tough, it was difficult to remove the meat from the bones, and the salted plum sauce did not compliment the dish well.


Fig, Honeycomb, Dehydrated Ricotta (HK$75)
Mango, Burnt Coconut Ice Cream (HK$75)

We finished our meal with a few selections from Fish School’s updated dessert menu, beginning with the Fig, Honeycomb, Dehydrated Ricotta (HK$75). Light yet satisfying, this is the perfect dessert if you’re feeling relatively full after dinner, but are still craving something dessert-y that isn’t too sweet. On the opposite spectrum, as far as desserts are concerned, we ordered the Mango & Burnt Coconut Ice Cream (HK$75) and didn’t feel guilty at all. This dessert was also quite light, though much more rich than the previous, but still had a refreshing taste thanks to the juicy mango pieces.


Whether you love seafood or aren’t a huge fan, there’s something on the menu at Fish School that is sure to pique your interest (and taste buds). Diners who enjoy a more intimate and quiet venue will love Fish School’s cozy atmosphere and open kitchen concept. Though the food certainly isn’t cheap, I did really enjoy my meal and would recommend giving their new menu a try.

Fish School
100 Third Street
Sai Ying Pun
Hong Kong

Tel: 2361 2966

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