Flint Grill & Bar, JW Marriott Hotel: New Chef, New Menu Additions

Armed with a new chef and new seasonal additions to the dinner a la carte menu, Flint Grill & Bar is ready to impress its diners. The restaurant won me over the moment I stepped inside, with its incredibly large interior and minimal-chic decor. As for the food, Chef Pieter Fitz-Dreyer utilizes sustainable and fresh ingredients in his dishes, and presents them in a fun and creative way.

Vibe At Flint Grill & Bar

Flint Grill & Bar is sleek without seeming pretentious, clearly catering towards a younger, mature crowd. The open space dining area is welcoming and I loved that the dessert counter was smack-dab in the middle so you could get a glimpse of some of the action going on behind-the-scenes. Overall, there was nothing but positive vibes from Flint Grill & Bar.


Flint Grill & Bar
Holy Smoke! (HK$148)
Flint Grill & Bar 2
The Sky Is Limit (HK$148)

Long story short: the cocktails at Flint Grill & Bar, prepared by the talented Bryson Rivera, are so Instagram-worthy it brought a tear to my eye. Aside from how lovely they looked (I’ll let the photos do the talking), they tasted great as well. The cocktail list is divided into four different sections, where the above drinks were from the “High Contrast” column. The Holy Smoke! (HK$148) had me feeling like I was in the movie Aladdin as it came to the table with a cloud of dry ice smoke coming out of the genie bottle. The cocktail was made with Beefeater 24 gin, raspberry-pineapple shrub, orange curacao, homemade aromatic bitters, cherry infused maraschino liqueur, and rose water carbon dioxide.. so much yes! I was also impressed with The Sky Is Limit (HK$148), mixed with London No.1 gin, lime leaf, cherry infused maraschino liqueur, bitter truth creme de violette, grapefruit, rhubarb bitters, and a cotton candy cloud which you could dip into the cocktail to make it sweeter.


Flint Grill & Bar 3
Seared Scallops (HK$190)
Flint Grill & Bar 4
BBB (HK$150)

Moving onto the food, we began with a simple dish of Seared Scallops (HK$190) with chorizo. The smooth scallop contrasted well with the chorizo, and the lemon puree added a subtle sour note. Playing on Hong Kong’s love for baos is the BBB (HK$150); black bbq baos with a golden apple miso and maple sauce. While I did enjoy the flavour combination, the bao could have used a bit more filling.


Flint Grill & Bar 5
Flint’s Suckling Piglet (HK$1088)
Flint Grill & Bar 6
Linz Heritage Prime 45-Day Dry Aged On The Bone (HK$590)

The impressive Flint’s Suckling Piglet (HK$1088) stole the show. I loved that they used different parts of the pig to create three dishes: roasted shoulder and leg, Scotch egg, and crispy ear and cured loin salad. Basically, it was delicious and well-worth the price if you’re with a larger group (you can also order a half portion for HK$588). We also tried the Linz Heritage Prime 45-Day Dry Aged On The Bone (HK$590), 20 oz USDA Prime rib-eye. Cooked to a perfect medium-rare, the steak was full of flavour, albeit a bit too fatty for my liking.


Flint Grill & Bar 7
S’mores Tart (HK$80)
Flint Grill & Bar 8
Panna Cotta (HK$80)

The S’mores Tart (HK$80) hit close to home for my Canadian self, as roasting marshmallows around a campfire and making s’mores was one of my favourite summer food indulgences (cue feelings of longing and homesickness). Although nothing like the s’mores I would messily make myself, Flint’s S’mores Tart was a decent replacement. What really stood out for me was the Panna Cotta (HK$80), as it came with shaved ice on top and hints of black sesame throughout. Surprisingly, the ingredients came together immaculately and I couldn’t get enough of this refreshing dessert.


I’d recommend going to Flint Bar & Grill if you’re looking for an upbeat restaurant that serves high-quality food without the usual snobby vibe you might find in other establishments.

Flint Grill & Bar
JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong 
Pacific Place
88 Queensway 
Hong Kong 

Tel: 2810 8366

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