Ham and Sherry: A Tapas-style Brunch Affair

The newest brunch offering in Hong Kong is at Ham and Sherry; the quaint Spanish tapas restaurant in Wan Chai with a whole lot of personality. The a la carte menu is reasonably priced, with most dishes around HK$98, and the staff ensured my glass of bubbly was never empty. Trying to separate themselves from the plethora of other brunch spots in the city, Ham and Sherry offers diners a selection of Spanish tapas to share, alongside free-flow cava and Estrella, every Saturday and Sunday.

Tapas at Ham and Sherry

ham and sherry - migas
Migas (HK$98)
ham and sherry - toastie
Jamon Toastie (HK$88)
ham and sherry - scotch eggs
Scotch Eggs (HK$88)
ham and sherry - meatballs
Meatballs (HK$128)

We began with a traditional Spanish dish called Migas (HK$98), comprised of croutons (typically it would be pieces of stale bread), chorizo, chili, scrambled eggs, and grapes. Having read this on the menu, I was certainly intrigued at how these ingredients would compliment each other (or not) as a whole. I’m glad I ended up trying it, as it was an interesting mix of flavours and textures. The Jamon Toastie (HK$88) with Spanish cheese and truffle honey was recommended by our waiter (even though our eyes were already all over that dish). Though it may not seem like much at first glance, the simplicity of the melted cheese and truffle honey was heavenly. Since I’ve never had scotch eggs before (you’re free to judge), I ordered the Scotch Eggs (HK$88) with chorizo and piquillo pepper. I found the sauce to be a bit overpowering, as I couldn’t taste much else. To finish up, we just couldn’t resist ordering the Meatballs (HK$128), which came in a bravas sauce with manchego cheese. These meatballs were great; juicy, saucy, and cheesy.


ham and sherry - churros
Churros (HK$58)
ham and sherry - creme brulee
Creme Catalan (HK$58)

In typical ‘thisgirlabroad’ fashion, I couldn’t end brunch without some dessert. First up, we tried the  Churros (HK$58) with a chocolate sauce. I really liked the churros by themselves, but surprisingly wasn’t a huge fan of the chocolate sauce. Everything about the Creme Catalan (HK$58)  was divine: a thick, creamy, and smooth custard with a crispy burnt-to-perfection top. I would venture to say this was probably one of the best creme brulee’s I’ve ever had.


I really enjoyed the brunch dishes at Ham and Sherry and, of course, the free-flow cava. I felt the tapas were reasonably priced and the portions, although they appeared quite small, were very filling. That being said, the vibe and atmosphere during brunch wasn’t quite there; it feels like a place you would go to for dinner, not somewhere you’d go during the day.

Ham & Sherry 
1-7 Ship Street
Wan Chai 

Tel: 2555 0628

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