High Junk Peak Hike, Hong Kong

High Junk Peak Hike is a relatively quick hike with beautiful views over Clear Water Bay. Making your way from Hang Hau to Po Toi O/Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club, expect a few hills, more than a few stairs, and plenty of rewarding sights. Outlined below is the (super easy) route along High Junk Peak Country Trail that should take roughly 2 – 3 hours, depending on your fitness level and how many selfies you take along the way.

Getting to the starting point:

Hop on the MTR to Hang Hau Station on the purple line. Take Exit B1 towards the bus terminus and the Tseung Kwan O Hospital. Once at the terminus, hop on Green Minibus 103 to Ng Fai Tin stop (you’ll likely have to let the driver know, but he’ll know exactly where to drop you off once he sees you in your hiking gear).

Starting Point:

high junk peak 1 high junk peak 2Once off the bus, cross the road and head up the stairs to the right of the pavilion. Soon after you’ll hit a fork in the path with Clear Water Bay Road on your right and Tai Miu on your left; go left.

Note: Stick to the Tai Miu path whenever you come across a fork in the trail. There was also another fork in the path, right before you begin hiking up the first mountain, and I can’t remember the names of each path, but hike up the one on your left – it’s not easier, but you’ll have much better views.

Sheung Sze Wan/Lohas Park:

high junk peak lohas park
Lohas Park
high junk peak Sheung Sze Wan
Sheung Sze Wan

high junk peak 3Once you’ve reached the top of the first mountain (again, just follow the trail and you won’t get lost), you’ll have beautiful views of Lohas Park on one side of you and Sheung Sze Wan on the other. As you continue along the High Junk Peak Country Trail, you’ll be able to see the top of the Peak ahead of you.

High Junk Peak: high junk peak 6 high junk peak 7

Follow the ridge back along High Junk Peak Country Trail and after a 20 or so minute climb up, you’ll find yourself at the summit of High Junk Peak. The way down from High Junk Peak is just on your right of the photo above. Though not long, it’s quite a steep trek down with misshapen rocks for stairs. Once you get to the bottom, you’ll find yourself in a bit of an open area (see photo above). At this point, you can choose to finish your hike or continue on to Po Toi O. If you’ve had enough, it’s about a 20 minute walk to the bus station – take bus 91 to go back. If you’d like to continue hiking, follow the trail down (continue on the Tai Miu path) towards Tin Ha Shan, which will take you to Po Toi O/Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club.

Tin Ha Shan:

high junk peak 8
Tin Ha Shan
high junk peak 9
Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club

As you continue along the trail, you’ll pass Tin Ha Shan and will be able to see the Golf and Country Club in the distance. At this point, the hike down to the club is relatively easy, however, you’ll be climbing down large awkward rocks. Once you emerge from the trail, you’ll see the country club on your right. Head left down the road until you get to Po Toi O Chuen Road where you will make a right.

Po Toi O:
high junk peak 10 high junk peak 11

Continue down Po Toi O Chuen Road – you’ll be able to see the Po Toi O fishing village on your left – until you reach the entrance of the village. There is a minibus stop (#16) right in front of the entrance that will take you to back to Hang Hau station (it’s likely that you may have to wait for one or two buses, as it can be quite busy on the weekend). If you have a bit more time on your hands, head into the village and relax while having a bite to eat at the large seafood restaurant along the water.

Journey Length: About 7 km 
Journey Time: About 2 – 3 hours

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