How To Get To Jiufen From Taipei

If you’re able to spend more than a few days in Taipei, I would highly recommend spending some time in Jiufen. Known for its large selection of street food along Jiufen Old Street and its picturesque views of the surrounding area, Jiufen is a breath of fresh air. Here’s an outline on how to get to Jiufen; either take the train to Ruifang and then bus to Jiufen or you can take a bus directly from Taipei.

what to eat in jiufen

I ended up taking the train first, then bus, as I didn’t realize you could take a bus directly there. Either way, you’ll end up in Jiufen, but here is a quick layout of your two transportation options:

1. Train to Riufang, bus to Jiufen:

Head to Taipei Main Station and purchase a ticket to Riufang Station. Once out of Riufang Station go straight and turn left onto the street in front of you. Cross the street and walk down for about 5 minutes or so until you reach a bus station. We were slightly unsure of which bus to take, so we asked the bus driver before we hopped on (I believe it was Keelung Bus 788, but double check the schedule). Stay on the bus until the last stop, which will drop you off a few minutes away from Jiufen Old Street. The train ticket is around NT$60 and the bus ticket is around NT$20.

2. Bus directly to Jiufen from Taipei City

Make your way to  Zhongxiao Fuxing Station (at the intersection of the Brown and Blue MRT line) and go out Exit 1. Take Keelung Bus 1062 – it will likely say Jinguashin on the sign, but don’t worry, it’ll take you to Jiufen. The bus ticket is around NT$100.

Once there, enjoy exploring the beautiful streets, lovely scenery, and – of course – all the delicious food!

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