Import Beer Club HK: Bringing Beer Tastings To A Whole New Level

Considering Import Beer Club HK has been around for less than a year, they are already making a mark in the city with regular beer tastings that showcase a variety of beers from around the world. Not only does Import Beer Club’s events give you a chance to try a handful of new beers, but they also give a bit of interesting history and background of each brewery. Coupled with a social and fun environment with fellow beer-lovers, these are some great events that you should check out.


It all started with three guys who share a similar passion, “We all shared a passion for beer, adventure and meeting new people. We asked ourselves ‘why can’t we do something that would let us share this passion with other people?'” With this idea in mind, Import Beer Club began.

Their last event, “Home Brew for the Holidays“, was particularly interesting as they were showcasing local Hong Kong breweries. We tried six craft beers: Hong Kong Beer (Hong Kong Beer Co.), Gambler’s Gold (Hong Kong Beer Co.), gweilo Pale Ale (Gweilo), gweilo IPA (Gweilo), Thunder God (Moonzen Brewery), and Moon Goddess (Moonzen Brewery).


At the beginning of the evening each guest is given a little score card where you’re meant to rate each beer. Every 20 minutes or so, a new beer is introduced: a little history about the brewery is shared along with a few tasting points. Then it’s time to cheers and drink up until all the bottles of that brew are finished and we move onto the next one. At the end, there is a raffle draw for some fun beer-related prizes and an ultimate local beer winner that is announced at a later date after all scores have been tallied.

Import Beer Club HK succeeds in its mission of bringing people together through beer. A fun, social, interesting, and engaging event are what their beer tastings are all about and I would highly recommend checking one of their future events out if you haven’t already.


Import Beer Club HK 
Events typically run every month or so – check out their Facebook page for updates
Cost: $150 
Location: Sai Ying Pun 

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