Kuumba du Falafel, Tokyo: The best falafel you’ll ever have

When I was planning my trip to Tokyo, there was no thought in my mind that I would be eating anything other than all the delicious Japanese food my greedy stomach could handle. That was until the friend I was travelling with told me she had read about a shop called Kuumba du Falafel in Shibuya and how their sandwiches were insanely good. I’ve never been a big fan of falafels, so I was slightly hesitant at first. However, after doing a quick Google search and reading only positive reviews, I was quickly persuaded. Conclusion: the falafel sandwich I had at Kuumba du Falafel Tokyo was hands-down the best falafel sandwich I’ve ever had.

Vibe at Kuumba du Falafel

Kuumba du Falafel – outside
Kuumba du Falafel – inside

I’m going to be honest – you’re going to walk into Kuumba du Falafel and think, “Uhh, am I in the right place?”. The exterior of the small restaurant is unassuming and it’s very easy to walk right by as there is practically no signage. The inside isn’t much better. It’s small, relatively bare, and has only a few seats. As for the service, don’t expect much. You’re probably wondering why on earth I’m recommending this place if the vibe is a bit cold (unlike most Japanese establishments). You only come to Kuumba du Falafel for one thing: the falafel sandwich.

The Falafel

Full size falafel sandwich

The only thing on the menu is the falafel sandwich in either half or full size. Obviously, I ordered the full size (¥1,200), which was so massive I basically got an arm workout just holding the thing for photos. The menu doesn’t tell you what other ingredients come with your sandwich aside from the falafel, but I promise you that they are all delicious. The pita wrap was packed with veggies and two or three (can’t even remember as I was too busy devouring it) falafel balls. The light orange sauce (some kind of kewpie mayo) was also fantastic. Add a bit of their homemade chili sauce on top for divine perfection.


If you like falafels (and, apparently, even if you’re like me and don’t) you need to try Kuumba du Falafel. The little shop is not really near anything and the service is far from great, but I promise, it’s well worth a trip over there to experience their heavenly falafel sandwich.

Kuumba du Falafel 
Me Building
23-1 Shinsencho

Tel: +81 3 6416 8396

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