Lily & Bloom Get A Menu Makeover: American Classics With Local Sensibility

Lily & Bloom have established themselves as a go-to cocktail bar in the heart of Central for six years and counting. While many have gone to the bar for drinks, it’s likely most have yet to venture down a floor to the restaurant. Lily & Bloom have recently gone through a complete revamp; first their cocktail menu was scrapped and 13 new cocktails were added, and now their a la carte menu has just been given a facelift. Chef Billy Otis stayed true to their American classic roots, but has sourced as many of the ingredients as possible from local Hong Kong markets. Each dish on the menu is full of flavour, impeccably presented, and uses simple ingredients in a fun and creative way.


Lily & Bloom - Rhubarb Smash
Rhubarb Smash (HK$120)
Lily & Bloom - London Fogcutter
London Fogcutter (HK$140)
Lily & Bloom - Mad Hatter Cocktail
Mad Hatter (HK$450 to share between 4-5 people)
Lily & Bloom - Mad Hatter Cocktail 2
Mad Hatter Cocktail

To start, I tried the Rhubarb Smash (HK$120) with zucca, cocchi rosso, cinnamon syrup, lemon, orange, and mint. This drink was incredibly refreshing and went down very well (both because it was delicious and the alcohol content wasn’t very strong). If you’re looking for something equally as tasty with a bit more of a punch, try the London Fogcutter (HK$140) with Bombay Sapphire Brugal 1888, Hennessy VSOP, elderflower, passion fruit, lemon, and apple, served in a funky tiki glass. For something really different go for the Mad Hatter (HK$450 to share between 4-5 people) featuring four pillars gin, earl grey, sipsmith summer cup, cardamom, lemon, rhubarb, and vanilla. Not only did it taste great, but the presentation was very impressive: Mixologist Pawel came to our table and poured the drink out of a teapot with dry ice creating a steam effect into the cutest little teacups.

Small Plates & Sharing

Lily & Bloom - Portobello Carpaccio
Portobello Carpaccio (HK$105)
Lily & Bloom - Salmon Flatbread
Smoked Salmon Flatbread (HK$115)

We were quite intrigued by the Portobello Carpaccio (HK$105) with marinated Nagasaki egg yolk, truffle vinaigrette, and pecorino, as we had never tried a vegetarian version of this dish. After a few bites I decided that I might even like this mushroom version more than the typical meat one. Next, we tried the Smoked Salmon Flatbread (HK$115) with house cured salmon, fresh grapes, four cheeses, and arugula. Though this dish was relatively simple, it was executed well and we quickly devoured every piece.


Lily & Bloom - Abalone
Grilled & Chilled Abalone (HK$145)
Lily & Bloom - HK Cioppino
HK Cioppino (HK$275)
Lily & Bloom - Whole Market Fish
Whole Grilled Market Fish (HK$290)

Under the Market section of the menu, we started with the Grilled & Chilled Abalone (HK$145) with cranbery miso, spicy yuzu vinaigrette, and shiso. I’m honestly not a huge fan of abalone, but the way it was cooked and the marinade used had me hooked. The HK Cioppino (HK$275) is a traditional San Francisco Seafood Stew using local market seafood in zesty tomato broth served with cheesy garlic bread. Perfect for the cooler weather, this dish had a good variety of fresh seafood throughout. The last dish we tried was the Whole Grilled Market Fish (HK$290) using a local market fish, with chunky avocado salsa verde, purple cauliflower, crispy ham, and squash blossom sauce. Not only was the fish itself absolutely divine, but we loved the bright colors of the surrounding ingredients, which added a variety of fun textures and flavours to the fish.


Lily & Bloom - Beef Cheek
Root Beer Glazed Organic Beef Cheek (HK$285)

From the beef section, we opted for the Root Beer Glazed Organic Beef Cheek (HK$285) made from wild Hereford cattle, with truffled polenta and grilled vegetables. The beef was incredibly tender and fell apart when we went to cut it. Despite me wanting there to be a stronger root beer flavour (brings back childhood memories, right?!) present, this dish still gets a big thumbs up.


Lily & Bloom - Lobster Mac n Cheese
Preparing The Lobster Mac & Cheese (HK$275)
Lily & Bloom - Lobster Mac n Cheese 2
The Lobster Mac & Cheese (HK$275)

Since this dish came highly recommended, we had to try The Lobster Mac & Cheese  (HK$275). What made this seemingly simple dish so unique was that it is prepared in a wheel of 36 months aged parmigiano reggiano with cognac, basil breadcrumbs, and three cheeses, served tableside. Chef Otis actually came out from the kitchen and put the whole dish together in front of us. Entertainment with my meal? Yes please!


Lily & Bloom - Skillet Cookie
Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie (HK$95)
Lily & Bloom - Bread Pudding
Brioche Bread Pudding (HK$80)
Lily & Bloom - Captain Blackbeard Cocktail
Captain Blackbeard’s Brew (HK$140)

We were far too tempted by the dessert menu to pass up ordering the Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie (HK$95) with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge sauce. The cookie was freshly baked and very soft – just the way I like my cookies. The fudge sauce added the perfect amount of richness to the cookie without going overboard. Since we wanted every item from Lily & Bloom’s dessert menu, we also had to try the Brioche Bread Pudding (HK$80) with orange spices, whipped mascarpone, nut crumble, and amarena cherries, which both looked and tasted delicious. To wash dessert down, we tried Captain Blackbeard’s Brew (HK$140); a cocktail well-paired with sweet dishes or to have on its own after your meal. Made with zacapa 23yr, coffee liqueur, and cold drip coffee, this was yet another fun cocktail that was served table side.


Lily & Bloom has worked wonders with their new menu. Chef Otis and the rest of the team clearly picked the best American classics and gave them a bit of flare by using local ingredients (which many more restaurants in HK should be doing!). We were also pleased with the portion sizes and how the dishes were presented. All in all, we can only give praise to Lily & Bloom for a perfectly executed menu makeover.

Lily & Bloom 
5/F & 6/F, LKF Tower
33 Wyndham Street
Hong Kong

(852) 2810 6166

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