Limewood: Summertime Vibes & Beachside Dishes In Hong Kong

I’ve been wanting to try Limewood since it opened, but every time I was in Repulse Bay, the place was packed with people and I couldn’t be bothered queuing. So, I put Limewood high on my “restaurants to try” list this summer and managed to make it out there at around 2:00 pm during the week (a perfect time if you want the place practically to yourself). Limewood is a great summertime city escape: cool, beach-y, and unique decor, along with refreshing, fun, and memorable food and drink.

Vibe At Limewood

limewood - bar

Limewood is the perfect summer spot to dine at given its beachfront location and rustic-chic decor. It doesn’t get much better than sipping on a deliciously dangerous Charred Coconut Pina Colada as you look out at the water lapping up onto the beach. Since I was there during an off-peak hour (weekday after the lunch rush), I can’t say what the service would be like during a busier time, but I have heard the service can be slow when it’s busy. Overall, I think Limewood has one of the best chill-out summer vibes for a restaurant in Hong Kong.

Cold Sharing Plates

limewood - salmon tartare
Norwegian Salmon Tartare (HK$160)
limewood - tuna poke
Spicy Australian Big Eye Tuna Poke (HK$295)

Start your beach-side meal with either the Norwegian Salmon Tartare (HK$160) or the Spicy Australian Big Eye Tuna Poke (HK$295) (or both if you’re hungry enough!). The salmon tartare is made using coconut water, bits of ginger, and kaffir lime, making it a refreshing and healthy way to start your meal. If you’re looking for something with a bit of a kick, try the tuna poke with avocado, pickled red onion, chipotle, and togarashi (Japanese chili pepper). The avocado added a next-level creaminess to the dish that helped to balance out the spiciness of the tuna.

Hot Sharing Plates

limewood - coconut corn
Jerked Coconut Corn (HK$75)
limewood - sea urchin tostadas
Canadian Sea Urchin Tostadas (HK$185)
limewood - fried snapper
Deep Fried Whole Snapper – Thai Style (HK$330)

Limewood has perfected the beloved summer BBQ side dish of grilled corn with their Jerked Coconut Corn (HK$75). A delicious blend of jerked aioli, toasted coconut (made in-house), and juicy grilled corn on the cob made for a messy but oh-so satisfying snack. One of the recommended dishes was the Canadian Sea Urchin Tostadas (HK$185). Piled high on a crispy tostada was coconut cream, fried avocado, heirloom salad, ikura (massive fish roe), and uni. Be warned: these tostadas are incredibly messy. We couldn’t leave without trying another of Limewood’s best selling dishes: the Deep Fried Whole Snapper – Thai Style (HK$330). Aside from the welcome blend of summer-esque seasoning of lemon grass, kaffir lime, and green pepper, I loved that the whole fish was already de-boned for us and presented beautifully.


limewood - churros
Churros with Homemade Coconut Ice Cream and Salted Caramel Sauce (HK$90)

I heard a tonne of hype over Limewood’s Churros with Homemade Coconut Ice Cream and Salted Caramel Sauce (HK$90), with claims that they were the best churros in Hong Kong. Limewood’s churros were quite crunchy – a hard, crispy exterior and a semi-chewy interior. I would have preferred them to be more chewy/doughy, which would have helped to fully submerge them into the homemade salted caramel sauce (which was so good). After we finished the churros, I proceeded to scoop up the caramel sauce and eat it like soup (Limewood should really be selling this stuff by the jar!). As for the coconut ice cream, it tasted natural and had the perfect creamy consistency.


While Repulse Bay is a bit of a trek if you’re living anywhere other than the south side of Hong Kong Island, it’s certainly worth a visit if you plan on making a day of it. Head to Limewood in the early afternoon to skip the lunch crowd, then set up camp on the beach for a relaxing midday food-fueled nap. Although some dishes are quite expensive, Limewood’s focus on quality (and often homemade) ingredients, coupled with their cool, calm decor make a lazy summertime visit a must.

Shop 103/104, The Pulse
28 Beach Road
Repulse Bay
Hong Kong

Tel: 2866 8668

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