It’s Hard To Beat Happy Hour At Linguini Fini, Hong Kong

If you live in Hong Kong, or have been there on business or pleasure, you probably know two things: 1) buying drinks at a bar is damn expensive and 2) happy hour is a pretty big deal. Clearly, there is a correlation between the two.. So, while most people are happy with 2 for 1 drinks on selected drinks, I’m always out looking for just how far my hard earned HK dollars will take me. I’ve struck gold recently and wanted to introduce you to my new-found happy hour haven at Linguini Fini. 

Linguini Fini used to be located at The L Place on Queen’s Road until it closed its doors in the summer of 2014 to relocate to Elgin Street in Soho as of November 2014. Their new location is totally worth the hike up the escalators (even in the scorching humidity of a HK summer) – a rustic vibe in an open-space atmosphere that is simple yet unique, and welcoming.

Photo 30-1-15 5 28 11 pm

Photo 29-1-15 5 16 47 pm
Happy Hour area
Photo 29-1-15 5 26 42 pm
Seating in the main area
Photo 29-1-15 6 53 11 pm
Homemade pasta hanging from the ceiling


Besides the spaciously inviting surroundings of Linguini Fini (which, as we all know, is hard to come by in a city where there’s a constant battle for space) that will initially make you want to step inside, the food and service are what will keep you coming back.

Linguini Fini offers its happy hour deal from Monday to Friday, 5-7pm. You can sit back with friends and colleagues for a mere $98 while you can scarf down as many wings, fries, and Pabst Blue Ribbon beers as you’d like. Yup. You heard that right.

The wings were served piping hot and came alongside a delicious creamy blue cheese dressing, adding to the already bold flavour of the chicken wings. The fries were crispy, and were generously sprinkled with pepper and a bit of salt. The beer was, well, beer – ice cold and just what we all need after a long workday.

Photo 29-1-15 5 31 00 pm


This restaurant doesn’t just offer a few wings and a few fries on a plate at a time either, as I’m sure you can tell by the above photo. The portions of the wings and fries were ample and they just kept coming. The service here was phenomenal – we rarely had to ask for another beer or more food (until it became a bit busier). A server would just pop by our table and take away our empty plates and put down more food. It’s not often you find such good service in Hong Kong, especially during happy hour.



Would I go back? 
Absolutely! Watch out, Linguini Fini – I might just become a regular during happy hour!


Linguini Fini 
49 Elgin Street
Soho, Central
2387 6338

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