Mak Mak Brunch: Unlimited Thai Food & Drink

Brunch and Thai food lovers, rejoice! Mak Mak has recently launched a brunch comprised of all their favourite a la carte items in a buffet-style format that won’t disappoint. Mak Mak brunch offers 20+ dishes in single-serving sizes that you can order and re-order as many times as your stomach can handle. There’s also a free-flow drink option of mocktails, Thai cocktails, or Veuve Champagne to really get you in the boozy brunch spirit.  Basically, be sure to wear your stretchy pants and don’t plan anything, save for a nap, afterwards.

What To Expect At Mak Mak Brunch

Mak Thai Cocktail

Brunch can be a relatively cheap affair if you’re just going to your neighbourhood cafe for some eggs and a coffee, but it can do some damage to your wallet when you head out for a more grande experience involving free-flow food and drinks (especially when you go out almost every weekend). Thankfully, Mak Mak has managed to put on a brunch that involves copious amounts of delicious Thai food and drinks for a very reasonable price. One thing I really loved about the brunch here was that all the dishes come in a single serving, so you can try a wide variety of items, and the dishes are served to your table, so there’s no awkward pause in conversation while half the table gets up to fill their faces with more food from the buffet.

Free-Flow Food

Vegetable Thai Spring Rolls
Thai Crab & Prawn Cake
Thai Beef Salad
Pad Thai

I was surprised at how extensive the food menu was, offering a handful of dishes in a variety of categories like appetizers, soups, rice/noodles, salads, and curries. Everything we ordered tasted just as good as it did when I went to Mak Mak for dinner awhile back, just in a smaller portion. Unlike other buffets that can be quite substandard, Mak Mak put effort into the presentation of each dish.


Coconut Ice Cream, Sticky Rice, Peanuts
Mango Sticky Rice

Mak Mak serves up a few Thai dessert classics, of which the mango sticky rice and coconut ice cream are a must. They’re also small enough to share with a few people, so even if you’re bursting at the seams by this point, you can still enjoy a bite of each.


I really loved the brunch at Mak Mak and found it was great value for money; the food was delicious and unlimited, and the drinks kept on flowing. The only comment I will make is that the vibe in Mak Mak is much more appealing for dinner, as there is no natural light in the restaurant. Personally, it wouldn’t bother me going there for brunch on a crappy day,  but if it was beautiful and sunny out, I think I’d want to find a brighter option. If that isn’t an issue for you or it’s during the winter months when it’s miserable out and stuffing your face with as much food as possible is completely acceptable, I would highly recommend visiting Mak Mak for brunch.

The Deal

Unlimited Thai food with free-flow Longan Nahm mocktail and soft drinks – HK$298 
Unlimited Thai food with free-flow beer, certain cocktails, Thai milk tea, and above drinks – HK$398 
Unlimited Thai food with free-flow Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label and above drinks – HK$598

Mak Mak
Shop 217A, 2/F, Landmark Atrium
Hong Kong

Tel: 2983 1003

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