Mak Mak: Bringing The Flavours Of Central Thailand To Hong Kong

Thanks to Mak Mak, you can now head to the oh-so fancy Landmark building in Central, Hong Kong to get delicious food at reasonable prices. Executive Chef Mumu, a native from Thailand, has cooked up a variety of authentic Thai dishes with a modern flare that thankfully don’t cost a fortune. Though heading to the Landmark for dinner might not be the first place that comes to mind when choosing a restaurant, the quality of food, and spacious and inviting atmosphere make Mak Mak a strong contender in Hong Kong’s extensive restaurant scene.

Vibe At Mak Mak

Mak Mak - Interior

Despite the deceptively small front entrance that looks more like a Thai mini grocery store/takeaway shop than an actual restaurant, the interior dining area is roomy, comfortable, and full of little surprises. With a seemingly random assortment of art and decor surrounding the tables, there’s lots to catch the eye.


Mak Mak - Hor Muk Salmon
Hor Muk Salmon (HKD$128)
Mak Mak - Poo Nim Phad Phong Ka Ri
Poo Nim Phad Phong Ka Ri (HKD$198)

We began with the beautifully presented Hor Muk Salmon (HKD$128). The spicy steamed salmon matched perfectly with the coconut dressing. While we did enjoy the souffle, the ratio of salmon to souffle was a little off, meaning much of the souffle was left untouched. Despite the Poo Nim Phad Phong Ka Ri (HKD$198) being listed under the Mains section of the menu, we decided to start with this wok-fried crispy soft shell crab with a bed of yellow curried sauce of egg. The crab was fried to a crispy exterior, leaving the crab inside soft and juicy. While I wasn’t a huge fan of the scrambled egg curry sauce, others at our table really enjoyed it.


Mak Mak - Phad Thai
Phad Thai (HKD$128)
Mak Mak - Massaman Lamb
Massaman Lamb (HKD$208)
Mak Mak - Pla Krapong Nueng Manow
Pla Krapong Nueng Manow (HKD$268)

We had to try the Thailand classic Phad Thai (HKD$128) with grilled prawns and tofu. Although this dish was five times more expensive than the phad Thai you can find in Thailand, it was quickly devoured by all. We liked that this dish came with a tray of four different spices and sauces to add to the noodles, making it easy to share.  While the Massaman Lamb (HKD$208) would be a perfect winter dish to warm you up, we loved it just as much during Hong Kong’s humid summer. The aromatic massaman curry of slow braised lamb shank and roasted baby potatoes was a treat for all senses, especially with the addition of cinnamon sticks. To finish up, we all shared the Pla Krapong Nueng Manow (HKD$268); steamed sea bass with a three-flavoured dressing. The sea bass was both fresh and refreshing, thanks to the lime and coriander, and was the perfect ‘light’ option to balance out excessive amount of carbs we’d already had.


Mak Mak - Khao Neaw Ma Muang
Khao Neaw Ma Muang (HKD$98)
Mak Mak -Coconut Ice Cream
Coconut Ice Cream (HKD$88)
Mak Mak - I-tim Khanom Pang
I-tim Khanom Pang (HKD$88)

As a self-confessed mango sticky rice fanatic, I had to try the Khao Neaw Ma Muang (HKD$98). The mango chunks were fresh and juicy, and I liked that they kept a small bowl of coconut cream on the side, so you could add more depending on how sweet you wanted the dish. Very similar to Chachawan’s Ice Cream Guti was Mak Mak’s very own Coconut Ice Cream (HKD$88) with sticky rice and roasted peanuts. I loved this dessert just as much as the one from Chachawan, though I especially liked the addition of sticky rice, as it made the dish’s texture more complex. The I-tim Khanom Pang (HKD$88) was an intriguing mix of Thai milk tea ice cream (that tasted exactly like the Thai milk tea drink I had) between a raisin bun. Because we were all sharing the desserts (and because we were absolutely stuffed by this point), we ate the ice cream, but left most of the bun. Be sure to leave a bit more room at the end of your meal to fully enjoy and devour the range of desserts at Mak Mak.


Mak Mak’s authentic dishes bring the flavours of Central Thailand [with a modern twist] to your plate, making this a great dinner option for your taste buds and your wallet. The extensive menu leaves little to be desired and the helpful staff can offer you a handful of suggestions based on your preferences if you find the menu slightly overwhelming (’cause everything sounds so damn good!). Aside from the food, the general atmosphere of the restaurant is cool, spacious, and inviting. I don’t often feel compelled to revisit many restaurants I try in Hong Kong, but I can certainly say that it won’t be long before I find myself returning to Mak Mak.

Mak Mak
Shop 217A
2/F, Landmark Atrium 
Hong Kong 

Tel: 2983 1003

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