Mamasita’s Cantina: Bringing Mexican Street Food to the Dining Table

Despite facing a few recent hurdles, Mamasita’s Cantina promises diners authentic Mexican street food in an upbeat Latin atmosphere. With a Cuban-inspired bar on the 6th floor, offering a range of drinks and cigars, and a quaint outdoor patio, and the restaurant on the floor below, Mamasita’s Cantina has an appeal that reaches out to many. The menu includes your typical Mexican dishes like tacos, guacamole and chips, and pork carnitas, while also offering a modern Mexican take on other dinner staples.

Vibe At Mamasita’s Cantina


After exiting the elevator, you’ll enter into Mamasita’s Cantina Cuban-inspired bar. With over 30 types of tequila on offer, I reckon this place could get a little rowdy on the weekend. The graffiti alongside the back wall gives off a rough-around-the-edges, local Havana feel, and the terrace is the perfect spot to enjoy a cigar and a drink. Moving downstairs, the restaurant has a great mix of brightly colored decor, which stands out even more so alongside the soft brown furniture. The kitchen is partially open, so if you enjoy a bit of entertainment alongside your meal, try to snag a table closer to the action.


Guacamole with Fresh Corn Tortilla Chips (HK$88)
Corn Esquites (HK$78)

Ordering the Guacamole with Fresh Corn Tortilla Chips (HK$88) was a no-brainer. The dip was made with avocado, tomato, onion, jalapeno chili, queso cotija, and white truffle oil, and was absolutely divine paired with their housemade tortilla chips. The Mexican street style Corn Esquites (HK$78) was another favourite of mine. Despite the small size, these pieces of grilled corn come packed with chili, lime juice, cotija cheese, mayo, and fresh coriander. Just be sure to bring a pack of floss because you’ll likely end up with bits of corn, herb, and spices stuck in your teeth afterwards.


Fish Tacos (HK$88 each)
Pescado Sarandeado (HK$368)

You can’t go to a Mexican restaurant and not order a round of fish tacos, and Mamasita’s Cantina certainly did not disappoint. The Fish Tacos (HK$88 each) come with Sol beer battered fish, creamy avocado, red onion, cabbage, and chipotle mayo. The flour tortillas are made daily and the fish was fried to a perfect crisp. Note: the image of the fish tacos above is a smaller version than what is on the menu. I was also curious about the Pescado Sarandeado (HK$368); a whole grilled white fish with adobo rub on the left and coriander rub on the right. I really enjoyed the adobo rub, but wasn’t a huge fan of the coriander side. What surprisingly hooked me with this dish was the black bean mash served on the side, which I could not stop eating.


3 Leches (HK$88)

The dessert at Mamasita’s Cantina didn’t sound particularly intriguing, but I was taken aback with how good the traditional three milk cake (3 Leches (HK$88)) was. The simple combination of the light cake soaked in three different milks (condensed milk, whole milk, and heavy cream) with caramel popcorn, rum granita, and corn foam milk ice cream was heavenly.


I would recommend visiting Mamasita’s Cantina for a simple meal of Mexican street food staples like guacamole and chips, grilled corn, and plenty of tacos, and steer clear of their more Western-sounding dishes like the fish, ribs, etc. The prices are reasonable, the service was good, and you can really tell Chef Edgar Navarro is passionate about bringing satisfying Mexican food to your table.

Mamasita’s Cantina 
6/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace 
Hong Kong

Tel: 2896 6118

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