Meen & Rice: A Must-Try For Cantonese Comfort Food Fans

The recent opening of The Pulse in Repulse Bay is yet another reason to head down to the Southside of Hong Kong Island: now, aside from soaking up the sun on the beach, you have plenty of beachside restaurant options to choose from. I was especially intrigued by Meen & Rice as a simple Chinese food lover that was looking for a bit more of a modern take on your classic cha chaan teng. Thankfully, Meen & Rice did not disappoint with its unique decor and inviting environment, and Cantonese favourites littered throughout the menu.

lf you’re like me and love all of the simple Cantonese dishes (think more along the lines of noodles [meen] and rice, instead of chickens feet and cow intestine), then Meen & Rice is sure to please.


First Impressions

When I first spotted Meen & Rice along the walkway of The Pulse, it didn’t seem too intriguing; no bright beach-esque colors or anything that would make it stand out to someone simply passing by. However, looks, as we all know, can be deceiving. The second you walk into the restaurant you’re greeted with its open-space charm and unique decor with noodle baskets hanging from its ceiling and a peek at some of their dishes on their “menu wall” written in Cantonese green slabs and hung up on the wall.


The Food

Meen & Rice offers the perfect menu for those that are long time Cantonese food fanatics as well as those who are just dipping into the local cuisine. With plenty of options for both; assorted pork offal soup if you’re feeling adventurous, or the more widely known dishes like wonton noodles.

We started with their homemade rice noodle rolls ($32) because – and this is slightly embrassing to admit since I’ve lived in HK for 3 years – I’ve actually never had cheong fun before. I know, crazy! I’ve been wanting to try it for ages at one of the various skewer stalls found throughout the city, but I’ve always been too timid to order them since I didn’t know which sauces to put on, etc. Now I have Meen & Rice to thank for giving me my first introduction to the delicious simplicity of cheong fun!


Then it was time for the classic (and my all-time favourite) stir-fried rice noodles with beef ($98) . This beef chow fun tasted similar to the others I’ve had at cha chaan teng’s around HK, but the beef in this dish was more lean and plentiful. As per usual, these noodles hit the spot!


We also wanted to try another Cantonese classic, so we opted for the barbecued pork and fried egg with rice ($88). The char siu was tender, juicy, and lean, and the whole dish came together really well (though there’s not much that could have really gone wrong with such a simple HK staple).



Eating Cantonese food by the beach was a bit odd and the price-point is definitely more than what you would pay at a local shop, but nowhere near as expensive as I had originally imagined. Despite this, the open-space vibes, minimalist decor, friendly service, and quality comfort food make Meen & Rice totally worth the trip to Repulse Bay. 


Meen & Rice 
The Pulse, 28 Beach Road  
Repulse Bay
Hong Kong 


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