My Tai Tai: An Unexpected Authentic Thai Experience

Though I was initially hesitant to try My Tai Tai (those in the know of Hong Kong’s food and beverage scene likely know why), I finally gave it a go the other week after Chef Amphon Phoomphookieo took over and they went through a short period of re-branding. I went into dinner with relatively low expectations, but was surprisingly blown away by the fun atmosphere, incredible service, and fantastic Thai food. Don’t let My Tai Tai slip under your radar; this is one Thai restaurant in the city that you need to try.


Satay Gai (HK$24/piece)

We began with an order of Satay Gai (HK$24/piece) – barbecue marinated organic chicken skewer with peanut miso sauce. The skewers were large, the chicken was tender, and the flavour of the skewer itself was so tasty you didn’t even need to dip them into the peanut sauce.


Gai Yang Khao Niew (HK$328)
Goong Yai Ob Woon Sen Maw Din (HK$218)

The Gai Yang Khao Niew (HK$328) – slow cooked and roasted marinated chicken with Issan style sweet chili sauce and sticky rice came highly recommended by our server and it did not disappoint. The chicken was tender with slightly crispy skin and full of flavour. I would certainly recommend ordering this dish if you’re dining with a group of 3 or more (or 2 if you’re an eating machine like me). Since you can’t go to a Thai restaurant without ordering some kind of noodle dish, we opted for the Goong Yai Ob Woon Sen Maw Din (HK$218) – baked king prawns with glass noodles and pork belly in a soya jus. Perhaps not the most eye-catching dish, these noodles were simple and delicious, and would certainly satisfy anyone’s noodle cravings.


Phak Thong Sang Kaya (HK$68)
Khao Niew Mamuang Nam Katie (HK$88)

Though I’ve been to Thailand numerous times, I’ve never heard or seen Phak Thong Sang Kaya (HK$68), so we figured we’d give it a go. The combination of pumpkin and egg custard sounded good in theory, but the flavours seemed off-balance and the skin of the pumpkin was left on, which seemed a bit strange. Thankfully, we also ordered the traditional Thai dessert of Khao Niew Mamuang Nam Katie (HK$88). While I did really enjoy the mango sticky rice here, especially the addition of mango ice cream, I have to admit that Chachawan and Samsen pull of a better version.


To say the least, I was very satisfied with my dining experience at My Tai Tai. Upon walking in, you’ll feel as though you’re in Thailand with Thai greetings and exceptional service (for Hong Kong, at least) overall. As for the food, the flavours come from all regions of Thailand and are executed to a T (though I might pass on the dessert) and the prices are reasonable given the quality of each dish. Finally, the restaurant itself is bright, playful, and open. Basically, if you’re looking for a fun Thai restaurant that serves up an authentic range of dishes with great service, My Tai Tai should be top of your list.

My Tai Tai
2/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace
Hong Kong

Tel: 2896 6018

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