Photo Essay: Edinburgh

Even though I was only in Edinburgh for a day, I took hundreds of photos as I explored the city (trying not to bump into anyone or trip over anything as my eyes were fixated on the beautiful buildings surrounding me) and figured a photo essay would be the best way to share the rest of my time in the city with you! After the high-up city views of Edinburgh after our hike up Holyrood Park, scouring the streets for the best – and cheapest – place to fill our bellies, and checking out the “other side” of the city, here are the rest of my photos.


Holyrood Palace


Regent Gardens 


Statues & Monuments


Edinburgh Castle 


A Second Glance


Noted Churches & Buildings 


Cozy Alleys


The Streets


My day spent in Edinburgh was absolutely incredible and I instantly regretted not spending more time travelling throughout beautiful country. Scotland is on my to-visit-again list!


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