Soaking Up The Sun On Railay Beach: Krabi/Aonang, Thailand

In my last post I wrote about escaping the town of Aonang and going on a 4 Island Tour (which, unfortunately, wasn’t that great).  If you’d much rather put your butt on one beach for an entire day instead of hopping around, a sure-fire bet is taking a short longtail boat ride to Railay Beach from Aonang. This beach is a popular destination for those travelling around the Krabi area, either just as a day trip or to spend a few nights on one of Railay’s beach-front hotels. Regardless of how long you spend on Railay, you’ll be whisked away by the beauty of the beach, surrounding cliffs, and relaxed vibe.. so long as you can pretend that all the other tourists scattered about aren’t actually there.

Prior to arriving in Aonang we had been told to spend at least a day on Railay Beach to enjoy a killer view while soaking up some sun.  ฿200 for a round trip and 10 minutes in a longtail boat will get you to the lovely beach of Railay. Boats are constantly going back and forth between Railay and Aonang, so you don’t have to worry about getting there or getting back (just make sure you don’t fall asleep on the beach so you can catch the last longtail boat of the day). While the convenience of transportation is great, I would suggest you head down to the opposite end of the beach to avoid hearing the roaring engines of the boats throughout the day. And, of course, so you can appreciate clear views of this…

IMG_3699 IMG_3703 IMG_3704 IMG_3708 IMG_3709 IMG_3756 IMG_3757 IMG_3759


After lazing around on the beach for a few hours and getting scorched by the sun (be sure to find a shady spot before they’re all gone!), we decided to have a look at some shops and restaurants down the “Walking Street”. There are only a few cafes and shops on Railay in comparison to Aonang, so I wouldn’t come here to do any shopping – you can get everything you want in Aonang and negotiate a much lower price.


IMG_3745 IMG_3746 IMG_3747 IMG_3749 IMG_3750


If you continue walking past all of the shops, you will get to the other side of Railay (the East beach). Though we didn’t have a chance to visit the other beach, we heard from others that it looked similar to the main beach, but with fewer tourists. We also heard that along the way you can head up to the Railay Beach Viewpoint, but it sounded quite dangerous (free climbing up and down steep limestone rock) – be sure to bring proper runners if you plan on trying to get to the top.

After we had enough of the sun (which didn’t take long), we promptly climbed back into a longtail boat and bid farewell to Railay…



10 thoughts on “Soaking Up The Sun On Railay Beach: Krabi/Aonang, Thailand”

  1. Hi, I have a silly question. I will be travelling by myself in Thailand in November and want to do some island hopping. I really liked the sounds of Railay beach from your post but I was wondering what do you do with your belongings if you want to go for swim while travelling alone? Is it safe to leave mu stuff including my camera and phone on the beach while I’m swimming? Thanks.

    1. Hi Anna,
      Not a silly question at all! When I’ve traveled alone, I just make sure I leave my stuff closer to the water, covering up anything important I have, and then when I’m in the water I just keep an eye on my stuff from a distance. Thankfully, I’ve never had anything stolen while I was on the beach. You could always ask fellow travelers beside you to watch your stuff as well, if you think they may be trustworthy.
      Hope that helps and happy travels!

  2. Hi and good day to you! Since you paid for a round trip to Railay beach, did you have to agree with everyone on the boat on how long to spend on the island? I plan to spend less than 2 hours there only…Thank You!

    1. Hi Win!
      As far as I can remember, when I went, the return ticket was general, so there was no specific times attached to the ticket. The boats are basically taxis, so there’s no need to worry about the others on your boat. Hope that helps and happy travels!

  3. Hi,

    First, thank you for sharing your experience. It’s really helpful especially form somone like me who is planning to go Krabi nearly soon. Me and my partner will be in Krabi for 2 and a half days so I don’t think 4-island hopping is a good plan. Then I came to read about your Railay Beach post, so I’m really keen to go. We booked hotel in Ao Nang (Ao Nang Fiore). How should we get to Ao Nang pier? By tuktuk or taxi? Another thing, do you know what time the last boat is leaving? Sorry for too many questions.
    Thank you so much in advance. 😉😀

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