Rambutan Resort Phnom Penh: A funky, fresh, and fun place to stay

Rambutan Resort Phnom Penh is located in the BKK1 district of the city; about 4 km south of the Night Market. The resort is gay-friendly, and exudes a mix of modern and local Khmer design with bright colors that really make the place pop. The staff are incredibly friendly and the rooms are large, equipped with beds so comfortable you’ll have difficulty getting up in the morning. Overall, the resort is quite quaint and there’s a certain charm about the whole place that I still can’t quite put my finger on.

First Impressions of Rambutan Resort Phnom Penh

rambutan resort phnom penh - lobby
rambutan resort phnom penh - dining
Lounge/Dining Area

The first thing I noticed when I was dropped off in front of the resort was how open the layout was; the lobby, restaurant, bar, and pool area are all attached without any dividing walls, giving Rambutan Resort Phnom Penh an immediate warm, welcoming vibe. Though the resort itself isn’t overly large, there’s a sweet charm about the place; almost as if you’re staying somewhere familiar. I loved the unique contrast between the concrete floors and walls, and the brightly colored decor that adorns the furniture. Rambutan Resort has a funky, minimalist vibe that really does appeal to all.

My Room

rambutan resort phnom penh - bedroom
rambutan resort phnom penh - bath
Private outdoor garden/bath

My room was located on the ground floor, nestled beside the restaurant, and had a secluded outdoor garden with a lovely large bathtub, which I certainly took advantage of (though be sure to bring bug spray, as there were quite a few mosquitoes at night). The bedroom itself was spacious and had a comfortable double bed with all the amenities you might need. I also really liked the separate spacious shower with a rain shower head (my favourite). The fun modern painting above the bed added a bit of spunk to the room while the cement flooring made for the perfect contrast in decor.


rambutan resort phnom penh - restaurant
View from the restaurant
rambutan resort phnom penh - pool
Main pool
rambutan resort phnom penh - bar

The layout of Rambutan Resort Phnom Penh was great; everything was within close quarters and I loved how open the design was. The restaurant and bar overlooked the pool, and was an ideal spot to enjoy breakfast in the morning and a cheeky cocktail as the sun began to set. The pool may look ordinary enough, but it’s actually a salt water pool (basically, god’s gift to blondes) with ample surrounding lounge chairs. Staff were always visible, were willing to help, and had smiles plastered on their faces.


rambutan resort phnom penh - breakfast

The breakfast menu was fairly large, with a variety of western and Asian dishes. Most hotel breakfasts I’ve been to serve up relatively small portions, so I would often order a number of dishes from the menu. Rambutan Resort, however, had insanely large portions, which I was actually warned about prior to ordering. I ordered one Asian dish and one western dish that were both beyond satisfying. The Banh Shung; fresh Vietnamese noodles with minced pork in a Khmer dressing, was absolutely delicious and I would highly recommend trying it if you don’t mind noodles for breakfast. I also tried the muesli with dried fruit bits, watermelon, banana, mango, and yogurt, which was huge and one of the best granola mixed breakfasts I’ve had in awhile.

Overall Thoughts on Rambutan Resort Phnom Penh

I walked into Rambutan Resort and immediately got the impression that it was fun, fresh, and welcoming.. and I left thinking the exact same thing. I really enjoyed my stay here and would recommend the resort for everyone; I saw families, couples, and singles while there. Though the location is a bit further out from the riverside and markets, it is close to other attractions, like the Prison Museum and the Russian Market, and offers visitors a glimpse into a less chaotic side of Phnom Penh.

Rambutan Resort Phnom Penh
#29, Street 71
Phnom Penh 

My stay at Rambutan Resort Phnom Penh was on a complimentary basis thanks to the hotel, but rest assured, all views and opinions are sincerely my own. 

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