Stream Trekking In Hong Kong

If you’re looking for something other than the usual hiking trails, then you should get out there and spend an afternoon stream trekking in Hong Kong! “Stream trekking” might sound a bit daunting at first, but this is a relatively easy and convenient (if you’re living on the island) hike that starts in North Point and should only take you a couple of hours.

There are a few options if you’re looking to go stream trekking in Hong Kong, this being more of a beginners route for hikers who want to try this out without getting knee-deep in murky water!


Start at Exit B4, North Point MTR Station 

When you exit, directly on your right will be Shu Kuk Street that turns into Tsat Tsz Mui Road, directly on your left. Go to your right and across the street you will find a narrow entrance leading up to “Aroma Walk”. There was quite a lot of construction when I was there, so it was a bit difficult to find (hopefully the pictures help!).



Go up the stairs of “Aroma Walk” and follow the path and stairs. You will eventually reach a fork in the path; left takes you up another set of stairs or you can continue straight. You want to turn left and go up the stairs.


After a few more minutes you will reach a main road with the signage “Aroma Walk”. Turn left and continue down the main road until you reach a bus stop sign and on your left there will be a sitting area.

You are going to cross the street where you should see a set of stairs next to a basketball court (again there was construction occurring while I was there, so hopefully not much has changed since!). Go up the stairs and continue along the path and up the stairs until you reach another main road.


Once on the main road, you should be face to face with a few bus stops. Turn right and continue up the main road. As you continue walking up the street, you will pass the Choi Sai Woo Park on your left, cross Cloud View Road, then Wai Tsui Crescent.

Shortly afterwards you should see a white building with a large green mural that has a coat of arms on it to your left. Cross the street and head down the stairs directly beside (and to the left) of the building.


Continue along, up the stairs. Again, you will reach a fork in the path – turn left and go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, turn left and continue along the narrow path. Eventually you will reach a small bridge, and some seating and signage titled “Tai Tam Country Park (Quarry Bay Extension)”. This is where the stream trekking begins!


You’ll find the stream just below the bridge – all you have to do is climb down a few rocks to get to the stream and then you’re good to go. You should be able to stay along the stream path 95% of the time. I had to come off the path and walk up the pavement at one or two points because there were no rocks for me to “trek up on” and I didn’t want to ruin my shoes in the water.


After about 20 minutes of trekking up the stream, you’ll reach a flat area with a brand-new pavilion. You can continue your stream trek by following the path to the right of the pavilion and back up. As you continue along the stream, you’ll be faced with a bit more of a challenge as the rocks get larger and the incline becomes greater.


This part of the hike was probably the most difficult. Not because it was physically challenging and exhausting, but because as you made it closer to the top, the rocks became extremely slippery and I lost my footing a couple times.


Once at the top, you can following an extremely narrow dirt path until you reach a flat area with various pathways leading out. If you know your way around Tai Tam Country Park, you can easily maneuver your way back down the mountain. However, if you feel like you’ll inevitably get lost, you can always just re-trace your steps back down to North Point.



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  1. I would have never guessed that you can do even something like stream trekking inHK!
    The main view people have about HK is just the city but not the nature.

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