The Streets Of Taipa Macau

Macau is a great place to go to for a day trip or a weekend getaway. In Old Macau you’ll find lots of history and Portuguese influence throughout the streets and alleyways. Once you’re finished being a tourist in Old Macau, you’ll probably head over to Taipa Macau (the other island just to the south that comprises Macau). Taipa is where you will find all the newer luxurious hotels, clubs, and high-end casinos. Though this area is much more modern than Old Macau, it still offers visitors a touch of historical charm when walking about.

Just a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the big-name hotels and casinos, you’ll find yourself walking down quiet streets with low-rise buildings that have been there for centuries. Temples, gardens, and “rough around the edges”┬árestaurants are a few of the hidden gems you’ll find if you take some time to explore this area.


I found Taipa Macau (the older area, not the hotels and casinos) to be quite similar to Old Macau, but with far less tourists.

Experiencing Taipa Macau during the night offers a stark contrast to what you see during the day. In the daytime, Macau is historic and weathered (in a good way!) without seeming old and falling apart (for the most part). But when the sun sets and the city is enveloped by darkness, the massive hotels and casinos stay lit up throughout the night, alluring those from near and far.


Whether you’re coming to Macau for a day or a weekend, I highly recommend you take the time to wander about the streets and enjoy the simpler, quiet(ish), and historical aspects of this great city!


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