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Given the fact that I’m gorging down delicious (but ultimately unhealthy) meals far too often, I’m always on the prowl for quick and hearty food that’s also good for you. As health trends continue to rise; cold-pressed juices, salads galore, and organic everything, Supafood seems to have found a good balance of offering healthy food that is oh-so satisfying. Serving up salads to rice bowls, and chia pudding to smoothies, Supafood has their healthy eats down to a T.


supafood - smoothies
Berry Happy & Choco Luv Smoothie (HK$68 each)

To start, we quenched our thirst with Supafood’s healthy smoothies. The Berry Happy (HK$68) had a magical mix of organic acai berry, blue berry, organic banana, local honey, and coconut water, making for a light and refreshing drink. We also tried the Choco Luv (HK$68), which consisted of organic cacao, organic peanut butter and organic almond milk. This smoothie was much thicker, and while I really liked the flavour, I found the texture to be a bit grainy.


supafood - fish salad
Baked Sustainable Wild Caught Atlantic Halibut Salad (HK$108 for large)
supafood - pork salad
Organic Apple Roasted US Pasture Raised Pulled Pork Shoulder Salad (HK$118 for large)

Since we were starving, we tried two incredibly large and satisfying salads. First up was the Baked Sustainable Wild Caught Atlantic Halibut Salad (HK$108 for large), made with a fresh mix of organic baby spinach, apple, cherry tomato, sunflower seed, roasted pumpkin and couscous mix with avocado yoghurt dressing. The salad was quite light (despite its large size) and the ingredients went together well, though the dressing was a bit bland. My personal favourite was the Organic Apple Roasted US Pasture Raised Pulled Pork Shoulder Salad (HK$118 for large), made with organic kale, cherry tomatos, pomegranate, pumpkin, chia seeds, feta and quinoa mix with apple cider vinaigrette dressing. Everything about this salad screamed “yes!” and I felt like I was feasting on a delicious meal without the #carbregret aftermath.


supafood - chia pudding
Chia Pudding (HK$48)
supafood - protein ball
Coconut Supaball (HK$28)

If you’re on the go, Supafood’s smaller takeaway options are perfect. Since we were absolutely stuffed, but not quite done trying all of the delicious options on the menu, we opted to bring a few healthy treats home. The Chia Pudding (HK$48) was a guilt-free bowl of goodness. There was a good amount of chia pudding, making this the perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up. We also brought home a few Coconut Supaballs (HK$28 each) made with oat flakes, raw cacao nibs, peanut butter, golden flax seed, coconut chips and honey chia seed. I loved having this the next morning with a coffee to jump-start my day, and they were also the perfect pre- or post-gym session snack.

Verdict On Supafood

Supafood’s “mission is to reinvent fast food” by using healthy organic ingredients to create tasty, guilt-free dishes that won’t cost a fortune. The variety of options, quality of ingredients, and relatively large portions (the large salad could easily be two meals for most) make choosing to grab a bite at Supafood a no-brainer.

1 Jervois Street
Sheung Wan
Hong Kong 

2 thoughts on “Supafood: Healthy Takeaway In Sheung Wan”

  1. The Organic Apple Roasted US Pasture Raised Pulled Pork Shoulder Salad (so much to write!) looks really delicious. Here it is pretty hard to get something like that as my town is just too small. Usually we need to travel 30km to the next city to get some good food but oh well it is always worth it 🙂

    1. A big name for a big salad! 😛 It was soooo good! Wah – that’s crazy! Is it easy to buy healthy groceries where you are (what part of China are you currently living in?)?

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