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Mui Wo To The Big Buddha Hike (Lantau Trail Section 1 – 3), Hong Kong

If you’re looking for a hike that gets you off Hong Kong Island, check out the Mui Wo to the Big Buddha hike: a challenging, yet incredibly rewarding hike that takes you through sections 1 – 3 of the Lantau Trail. While it’s easy enough to get to if you’re living near Central, the hike itself can be quite difficult. That being said, the stunning views of the surrounding country parks, rolling hills, and crystal blue water make this hike well worth the effort. What’s more, you’ll end up at the Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery where you can grab some food and drink, and, if you’re feeling up to it, play tourist for a few hours before heading back home.

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Meeting The Big Buddha On Lantau Island

My first off-the-island adventure was to Lantau Island (the largest island in Hong Kong!). This island is immediately to the west of HK and we took a ferry to get there and the MTR to get home. The airport and Disneyland are actually located on this island. The island is not heavily populated and mostly caters to tourists.

The Big Buddha is a huge pull for people to travel to the island and there are many trails for the adventurous hikers who are looking for a new challenge. Once up there, there are┬ámany sights to see – temples, incense burning areas, beautiful architecture, statues of warriors, and the Buddha of course.

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