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Seokbulsa Temple – Things To Do In Busan

If you find yourself in Busan and are wanting to see something really unique and interesting, get ready to make the trek out to visit the Seokbulsa Temple (otherwise known as the “Stone Buddha Temple”). I had read and heard about how beautiful this temple was and I’m so glad I listened! Though the hike up to this Buddhist temple might be long and confusing, the trip was well worth the end result: the Seokbulsa Temple was  unlike any other temple I have seen on my travels throughout Asia.

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Up The Busan Tower – Things To Do In South Korea

When travelling to South Korea, most people only have Seoul in mind; a place where you can get your fill of street snacks,  stay caffeinated all day with ample coffee and cafes, then stay up all night with an eclectic nightlife, shop till you drop, and get a good dose of history and culture. So, yeah, Seoul is great, but there’s also other cities in South Korea that are worth a visit. One of these cities is Busan, located in the South Eastern tip of the country. Busan is a much more quiet, yet very vibrant city in comparison to Seoul. There are many things to do in Busan, including taking a trip up to the Busan Tower for some excellent aerial views of the city. 

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Colorful, Artsy, Unique: Gamcheon Culture Village, Busan

After our eventful (and fattening) days in Seoul, we took the train down to Busan. Going to the Gamcheon Culture Village was on our tourist list and after doing some research (AKA a quick Google Image search) we just had to check this place out. With its brightly painted rows of quaint houses, unique artwork all over, and an interesting history to go along with it, you need to add this place to your to-see list if you’re ever in Busan! Getting lost in this maze of houses and alleyways was one of the highlights of my time in the city.

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Cafe & Coffee Culture In South Korea

When you hear someone talking about cafe and coffee culture (in other words, a group of people with a mild obsession with drinking coffee and going to inevitably overpriced cafes), what comes to mind? Probably somewhere in Europe sipping an espresso on the patio of a quaint cafe overlooking a busy side street. I bet you probably wouldn’t have thought that there is a massive cafe and coffee culture in South Korea! In Seoul and other cities alike, you will find cafes of all sorts: small to big, chain to independent, unique to mainstream.

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