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The Abbey Of San Galgano: A Must-See In Tuscany

If you’re traveling throughout or have previously been to Italy, it’s likely you’ve seen your fair share of cathedrals; big, small, impressive, or otherwise. One cathedral that sets itself miles apart from the others in Italy is the Abbey of San Galgano, halfway between Siena and Massa Marittima in Tuscany. This breathtaking building has an interesting legend to go along with its history, but its the remains of San Galgano’s structure that will completely capture your attention the moment you set eyes on it. Both unsettling and mesmerizing, you’ll be talking about the Abbey of San Galgano many years after your visit.

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Notre Dame, Paris

Paris has many tourist hot-spots to visit throughout the city, and without a doubt, the Notre Dame is high up on that list as one of the most well-known cathedrals in France (we’ve all seen The Hunchback of Notre Dame..). This cathedral is an example of the historic French Gothic architecture with a beautiful exterior and an equally mesmerizing interior adorned with intricate stained glass windows throughout.

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Things To Do In Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Like I mentioned in my previous post on stopping over in Puerto Princesa, there isn’t that much to do in the city center. If you have a day to spend wandering about the city, there are a handful of tourist attractions you can visit during the day and some great restaurants and bars to check out at night. They are all within walking distance, unless you’re incredibly lazy or are on the verge of heatstroke and can’t bear to walk another step. If that’s the unfortunate case, there are plenty of tricycles haphazardly about the streets that will take you to any of the locations below for a nominal fee.

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