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NEOM x Jouer Atelier Afternoon Tea Set

Finding a place that offers an afternoon tea set isn’t hard in Hong Kong, as they can be found in just about any hotel and an assortment of restaurants. The tough part is choosing a place; with so many options throughout HK, trying to figure out which set has the best options for the best value can be quite taxing. Worry not, for Jouer Atelier has collaborated with NEOM on an exclusive afternoon tea set, combining NEOM’s floral fragrances with Jouer’s favourite sweet and savory bites!  Continue reading NEOM x Jouer Atelier Afternoon Tea Set

10 “Realistic” Things To Do In Amsterdam

Everyone has heard of Amsterdam and all of the wild-but-totally-legal possibilities that go along with spending a few nights in this city. What you might not know is that besides hitting up the Red Light District at night for a good time (or a good laugh, or an uncomfortable walk through an alley way with far too many gawking tourists..) or heading to a local “Coffee Shop” to partake in illicit activities, there are surprisingly other touristy things one can do here.

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