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12000 FRANCS: Modern Innovative European Cuisine

Elgin Street in Hong Kong’s SoHo is well-known for an incredibly high turnover rate for restaurants thanks to excessive rent hikes, so it’s somewhat surprising to see new concepts willingly open up. One such restaurant that has disregarded Elgin Street’s curse is 12000 FRANCS. Unlike other restaurants serving modern European cuisine, 12000 FRANCS brings diners refreshing ingredient-driven dishes that uses both traditional and modern preservation methods. Even the name, 12000 FRANCS, comes from the intriguing story of Napoleon Bonaparte who, in 1795, offered this amount in cash to anyone who was able to develop a food preservation method for his armies. Just that alone should have you wanting to pay this restaurant a visit.

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DiVino’s New Autumn Game Menu: Traditional Fare With A Twist

As summer slowly begins to fade away in Hong Kong and autumn approaches, DiVino’s Chef Michele looks to incorporate his favourite dishes during these cooler months and has created a new game menu. The Flavour of the Hunt menu has four game dishes that strike a perfect balance of the traditional preparation methods of game, while adding a more modern approach to cooking them. Chef Michele ensures these dishes appeal to those who are seasoned game eaters, as well as those who are new to the ingredients.

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The Continental, Hong Kong

Looking for a hot new restaurant to check out? Look no further than The Continental in Pacific Place. This restaurant, owned by Swire Hotels, has taken over the space that once housed Domani. If you ever had the opportunity to eat at Domani, you would know that the atmosphere, decor, and food did not disappoint; The Continental is no exception.

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