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Mr & Mrs Fox: Casual Meets Sophisticated Dining

Having already dined at the Mr Fox section (the second floor of the restaurant) of Mr & Mrs Fox for dinner a little while back, I was tempted to try Mrs Fox on the main floor. Mrs Fox is the more casual section, offering a different menu and atmosphere for diners. Though the menu is rather small, where Mrs Fox lacks on quantity, it makes up for in quality. Mr & Mrs Fox is a great option if you’re in the Quarry Bay area and are looking for a restaurant that offers classy comfort food in a modern setting.

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Where To Eat In Edinburgh

After spending half a day touring around the city, the question that you’re probably going over in your head is, “where to eat in Edinburgh?”. If you walk down any street, you’re sure to pass dozens of unique cafes and enticing restaurants, making it even more difficult to settle on just one (especially if you’re only in Edinburgh for a day and/or if you’re the worst decision maker when it comes to food.. Guilty!).  Here are a few options of where you can grab some grub in this city.

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