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Marketplace Dining At EAT.it Italian Restaurant, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a food lover’s paradise with its saturated market of restaurants, cafes, and bars serving cuisine from all over the world. Just when you think that there couldn’t possibly be another restaurant to pop up that could set itself apart from the hundreds of others, EAT.it comes along and drops itself in the foodie mecca of Causeway Bay (also known as everybody’s worst nightmare on a Sunday afternoon). So, what exactly sets EAT.it apart from the many other Italian eateries in HK? This is the first restaurant I know of in the city that has implemented a marketplace dining concept.

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Get Your Gluttony On At The W Hotel Buffet, Hong Kong

A weekend in Hong Kong just wouldn’t be a weekend if you didn’t choose to gorge yourself during one of the days. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of breakfast, brunch, or lunch options in Hong Kong. However, if you’re in the mood to take your weekend eating to a whole other level, the W Hotel Buffet at the Kitchen restaurant is where you ought to go. Not only is the restaurant itself refreshingly spacious with its large seating area and views over the harbour, but the plethora of food on offer might be slightly overwhelming for those who lack serious self-control when it comes to food (AKA me).

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Jamie Oliver Has Done It Again: Jamie’s Italian TST

Jamie’s Italian, by renowned chef Jamie Oliver, is a well-known chain of restaurants that have been rapidly popping up all over the world. From his first restaurant opening in Oxford in 2008, Jamie has expanded his dining concept of good food at affordable prices to over 30 restaurants worldwide. This is now his second restaurant in Hong Kong within the past year, showing no signs of slowing down. His new location in TST offers all the same tastes as the Causeway Bay branch, but with additional menu options and a very different atmosphere.

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It’s Hard To Beat Happy Hour At Linguini Fini, Hong Kong

If you live in Hong Kong, or have been there on business or pleasure, you probably know two things: 1) buying drinks at a bar is damn expensive and 2) happy hour is a pretty big deal. Clearly, there is a correlation between the two.. So, while most people are happy with 2 for 1 drinks on selected drinks, I’m always out looking for just how far my hard earned HK dollars will take me. I’ve struck gold recently and wanted to introduce you to my new-found happy hour haven at Linguini Fini. 

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Maya Cafe Mediterranean Lifestyle Restaurant Review

Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or are just wanting to eat healthy for a change (which can prove to be difficult when living in Hong Kong), then you should head over to Maya Cafe Mediterranean Lifestyle on Moon Street in Wan Chai. The interior is welcoming and has outdoor seating in the back if you’re there on a not-too-hot, but not-too-cold day. The menu offers a uniquely wide selection of items that will please any palette.

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Sacre-Coeur, Paris

Looking for a more scenic and cheap way to see some views of Paris from above? Then check out Sacre-Coeur, a beautiful Basilica located on the highest point within the city (which isn’t very high at all). The area leading up to the church is quite seedy – filled with locals trying to scam you into playing their card games, tourist shops, and quite a few sketchy characters. Fear not though, as you’ll be surrounded by other tourists sitting along the green grass once you begin walking up to the church. The area is extremely busy with tourists, though once you make it to the top you’ll get some nice views of the city (though there unfortunately isn’t much to be seen).

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Markets In London – Camden Market & Lock, Borough Market, Spitalfields Market

There are many different markets in London to explore that offer a variety of clothing, accessories, artwork, and delicious food! When I was in London, I was able to visit four different markets; Spitalfields Market, Camden Market, Camden Lock, and Borough Market. Each of these markets has its own distinct feel and caters to a certain crowd. Below you’ll find a quick description of each market, where they’re located, and what they offer, along with some photographs of each.

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Where To Eat In Edinburgh

After spending half a day touring around the city, the question that you’re probably going over in your head is, “where to eat in Edinburgh?”. If you walk down any street, you’re sure to pass dozens of unique cafes and enticing restaurants, making it even more difficult to settle on just one (especially if you’re only in Edinburgh for a day and/or if you’re the worst decision maker when it comes to food.. Guilty!).  Here are a few options of where you can grab some grub in this city.

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