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The Top 5 Things To Do In Hue, Vietnam

Hue, a 2 hour train ride north of Da Nang, is a lesser-known city in the middle of Vietnam that is increasingly becoming popular with tourists. A visit to Hue is best utilized as a brief (2 – 3 night) stopover along your travels up to the north or down to the south of the country. Though there aren’t a tonne of tourist attractions, there are a handful of interesting things to do in Hue¬†that will fill your days with food, pagodas, temples, markets, and fun!

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The Imperial City In Hue, Vietnam

Hue, a two hour train ride north from Da Nang, is quite the hidden gem in Vietnam. Most people fly into Da Nang and head straight to Hoi An, but skipping out on Hue would be a big loss. As it’s still in the process of developing its tourism sector, there isn’t a large list of things to do in this city, however, the few things Hue has to offer are well worth the trip. Among these is a visit to the Imperial City in Hue: a former walled palace and fortress that was once the capital of Vietnam. Much of the Imperial City is still currently under construction, but you’ll be surrounded¬†by temples and structures, and a rich history throughout.

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