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The 7 Types Of Local Food You Must Try In Hoi An

Aside from Hoi An’s cute streets, rustic yellow buildings, and colorful temples and decorations, there is a whole lot of delicious food to be devoured in this quaint town. While there are a few items that are an absolute must anywhere you go in Vietnam (Banh Mi and Vietnamese coffee, to name a few), Hoi An also has a handful of regional dishes that you won’t find anywhere else in Vietnam. Get ready to spend a good deal of your time eating the 7 types of local food you must try in Hoi An!

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Koh Lanta Night Market – A Bizarre Experience

Koh Lanta is a very relaxed island where you can spend your days island hopping, lounging on the beach, diving, volunteering at Lanta Animal Welfare, or┬áslinging back a beer while watching the sunset. This island is the perfect getaway if you’ve just spent a few crazy nights on neighbouring Koh Phi Phi. You might be able to easily keep yourself busy during the day, but at night the island really winds down (unless, to your surprise, you stumble upon a “half moon” party on the beach!). When we were staying close to the ferry pier in the northern part of the island, we were wandering about the town one night after yet another delicious dinner of Pad Thai and we found a night market. Now, this wasn’t just any market – the Koh Lanta night market is going down in the books as one of the most bizarre markets I have ever come across during my travels..

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