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6 Things To Do In London If You’re Tired Of Being A Tourist

In my last blog post, I talked about the Top 10 Touristy Things To Do In London, but if you’re looking for things to do where you won’t be completely surrounded by tourists then you should check this list out. There’s so much more to the city than taking a ride on the London Eye or getting your photo taken in front of Big Ben.  Try living like a local Londoner (sort of) for a day or two by checking some of these things off your anti-tourist to do list!

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Things To Do In Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Like I mentioned in my previous post on stopping over in Puerto Princesa, there isn’t that much to do in the city center. If you have a day to spend wandering about the city, there are a handful of tourist attractions you can visit during the day and some great restaurants and bars to check out at night. They are all within walking distance, unless you’re incredibly lazy or are on the verge of heatstroke and can’t bear to walk another step. If that’s the unfortunate case, there are plenty of tricycles haphazardly about the streets that will take you to any of the locations below for a nominal fee.

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Sunsets And Night Markets In Gili Trawangan

You just can’t leave without having seen the sunsets and night markets in Gili Trawangan. The views from the western side of the island are breath-taking (a great way to end the day biking around the island!). After you’ve finished watching the sunset, head on over to the night market to enjoy some hearty, local grub that is better (not to mention extremely cheap) than any of the tourist restaurants on the island!

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What Kuta, Bali Is Really Like

When someone mentions Bali, what are the first thoughts or images that come to mind? For me it was serenity, beauty, Balinese architecture, culture, and so forth. If that is in fact what you’re looking for, you should scratch Kuta off your list. However, if you’re looking for any and every possible souvenir to bring home, shopping galore, lots of Australians, and are ready to party like you’re back in first year university, this is definitely the place for you.

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Oktoberfest At Happy Valley Racecourse

What expat doesn’t like going out with their coworkers for a delicious cold beverage after a long day of work? Add in some horses, beer drinking contests, and gambling, and you’ve got yourself a great evening at the races for Oktoberfest at Happy Valley Racecourse.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club (Happy Valley Racecourse) is a cesspool for expats on any given Wednesday night, however, during Oktoberfest the racecourse was completely packed to the brim with people. To get from the entrance to midway into the racecourse  was maze-like, with a whole lot of “excuse me’s”, some elbows in the air, and a few not-so-subtlety mumbled curse words scattered about.

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