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Colorful, Artsy, Unique: Gamcheon Culture Village, Busan

After our eventful (and fattening) days in Seoul, we took the train down to Busan. Going to the Gamcheon Culture Village was on our tourist list and after doing some research (AKA a quick Google Image search) we just had to check this place out. With its brightly painted rows of quaint houses, unique artwork all over, and an interesting history to go along with it, you need to add this place to your to-see list if you’re ever in Busan! Getting lost in this maze of houses and alleyways was one of the highlights of my time in the city.

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The Top 5 Neighborhoods You Must Visit In Seoul

Seoul is an exciting, vibrant, and fun city to be in, which can also make it a bit tricky to figure out what the best things to do and see first are. Using a Metro pass, we traveled around the city easily (though the language barrier was an issue at times) and were able to head to various districts throughout. Each neighborhood in Seoul offers visitors something different; from street food to art and cafes to shopping, this list of the top 5 neighborhoods you must visit in Seoul will help you map out your time in this great city!

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Photo Essay: Edinburgh

Even though I was only in Edinburgh for a day, I took hundreds of photos as I explored the city (trying not to bump into anyone or trip over anything as my eyes were fixated on the beautiful buildings surrounding me) and figured a photo essay would be the best way to share the rest of my time in the city with you! After the high-up city views of Edinburgh after our hike up Holyrood Park, scouring the streets for the best – and cheapest – place to fill our bellies, and checking out the “other side” of the city, here are the rest of my photos.

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The Sunset On Corong Corong Beach, El Nido

As amazingly wonderful as the town of El Nido is, it’s missing one thing. Because of the looming limestone cliffs to the west of the town, you are unable to see the sunset. This also means it gets dark much earlier in the day than you would probably like. Thankfully, we ended up finding a solution to our lack-of-a-beautiful-sunset problem.

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What Kuta, Bali Is Really Like

When someone mentions Bali, what are the first thoughts or images that come to mind? For me it was serenity, beauty, Balinese architecture, culture, and so forth. If that is in fact what you’re looking for, you should scratch Kuta off your list. However, if you’re looking for any and every possible souvenir to bring home, shopping galore, lots of Australians, and are ready to party like you’re back in first year university, this is definitely the place for you.

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