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Mr & Mrs Fox: Casual Meets Sophisticated Dining

Having already dined at the Mr Fox section (the second floor of the restaurant) of Mr & Mrs Fox for dinner a little while back, I was tempted to try Mrs Fox on the main floor. Mrs Fox is the more casual section, offering a different menu and atmosphere for diners. Though the menu is rather small, where Mrs Fox lacks on quantity, it makes up for in quality. Mr & Mrs Fox is a great option if you’re in the Quarry Bay area and are looking for a restaurant that offers classy comfort food in a modern setting.

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Mr & Mrs Fox: New Restaurant News

Swire is on a roll as they open yet another restaurant (after The Continental in Admiralty and Public in Taikoo) in the heart of Hong Kong Island’s Eastern business district; Quarry Bay. Mr & Mrs Fox caters to a wide audience, offering three floors with distinct dining differences. Their food has a refined simplicity to it that leaves you wanting to try every dish on the menu, and their service is some of the best we’ve had at a modern restaurant that is still able to exude a sense of casual. Needless to say, Mr & Mrs Fox gets two thumbs way up for their all-around fantastic dining experience.

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Devil’s Peak Hike, Hong Kong

Devil’s Peak hike is great if you live east on the island or Kowloon, as it is one stop across the harbour from Quarry Bay on the purple line. It’s also ideal if you’re looking for a quick hike; you want to get up a mountain, get some exercise in, see some great views of both the island and Kowloon skyline, and then get out. I mean, your schedule is booked solid from now until your last days in this city that never sleeps, so you need to squeeze in as much as possible every single waking moment of your time here. Am I right, or what?

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Twin Peaks Hike, Hong Kong (Quarry Bay To Stanley)

Hiking in Hong Kong is much more enjoyable when the humidity isn’t slowly suffocating you with each step you take. Thanks to the cooler weather, hiking has become bearable. Looking for something to do on the weekend? Why not get up early, (fingers crossed the sun is out and the smog is not as apparent), hike up a mountain, and appreciate the breathtaking views of the city.

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