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Chiang Rai Night Market: Food & Souvenirs

Chiang Rai is one of Thailand’s largest cities in the north, aside from well-known Chiang Mai. There are many similarities between the two cities, but I found after spending time in both that they are both fairly similar, aside from Chiang Rai having a much more local feel. Though there may not be as much to see and do in Chiang Rai, it is completely worth the few hours’ drive north. One thing I love about Thailand is how each city/town has its own night market. The Chiang Rai night market has a decent selection of souvenirs that are comparable, if not cheaper, than those in Chiang Mai and a large outdoor seating area surrounded by food stalls to grab some dinner.

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Pai Walking Street: Worth The 762 Curves To Pai

When I think about Northern Thailand, the two main cities that come to mind are Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Aside from those, I wasn’t really aware of any other places to visit while up north. Thankfully, as I was planning my trip, I heard from a friend about a place called Pai and how incredible it was. After doing a bit of research, and getting persuaded by all of the ranting and raving from my friend, I decided to put Pai on my itinerary. After all, it was only 3 hours from Chiang Mai (or, as locals like to say, ‘762 curves to Pai’) and I would be heading north to Chiang Rai anyway. After the long trip, we were dropped off in Pai just after lunch, so we hung around for the day and explored Pai Walking Street.

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Peruvian Fare At Chicha, Hong Kong: Some Hits, Big Misses

I had heard about Chicha for quite some time, so of course, in true Hong Kong style, the hype surrounding the restaurant’s Peruvian fare prevailed and I finally made a reservation. Tucked away on Peel Street in Central, this restaurant has an open-concept interior (think picnic-esque tables in two rows; you just might be double-dating with another couple beside you) that is dark yet inviting. While I was impressed with the ambiance of the restaurant and felt the service was good, unfortunately I wasn’t “wowed” by the food and I left Chicha with a full, but unsatisfied stomach.

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Soaking Up The Sun On Railay Beach: Krabi/Aonang, Thailand

In my last post I wrote about escaping the town of Aonang and going on a 4 Island Tour (which, unfortunately, wasn’t that great).  If you’d much rather put your butt on one beach for an entire day instead of hopping around, a sure-fire bet is taking a short longtail boat ride to Railay Beach from Aonang. This beach is a popular destination for those travelling around the Krabi area, either just as a day trip or to spend a few nights on one of Railay’s beach-front hotels. Regardless of how long you spend on Railay, you’ll be whisked away by the beauty of the beach, surrounding cliffs, and relaxed vibe.. so long as you can pretend that all the other tourists scattered about aren’t actually there.

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The Top 20 Things To Do In Paris – My Personal List

With only four days in Paris, I tried to cram everything I wanted to see in a short time frame and I surprisingly was able to do it all, though perhaps not as well as I would have liked. Since I had such a difficult time narrowing down a list of things to do in Paris for this blog post, I decided to just give up and include all of my favourite spots and places I went to while in the city. There’s a whole lot to see and do, so whether you’re there for a weekend or an entire week, this list is sure to keep your feet moving throughout the city streets of Paris.

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The Best Restaurant In Paris – Le Petit Bleu

If you’re anything like me, you know that making decisions on where to eat when travelling can be a stressful ordeal; is it good value? Good food? Worth the trip out there? How do I choose between this restaurant and that one? And the questions go on and on, but thankfully I found one hidden gem in the city. If you’re looking for the best restaurant in Paris that offers great quality food at reasonable prices (for Paris, at least), then you need to eat at Moroccan restaurant Le Petit Bleu.

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Maya Cafe Mediterranean Lifestyle Restaurant Review

Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or are just wanting to eat healthy for a change (which can prove to be difficult when living in Hong Kong), then you should head over to Maya Cafe Mediterranean Lifestyle on Moon Street in Wan Chai. The interior is welcoming and has outdoor seating in the back if you’re there on a not-too-hot, but not-too-cold day. The menu offers a uniquely wide selection of items that will please any palette.

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Where To Eat In Edinburgh

After spending half a day touring around the city, the question that you’re probably going over in your head is, “where to eat in Edinburgh?”. If you walk down any street, you’re sure to pass dozens of unique cafes and enticing restaurants, making it even more difficult to settle on just one (especially if you’re only in Edinburgh for a day and/or if you’re the worst decision maker when it comes to food.. Guilty!).  Here are a few options of where you can grab some grub in this city.

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The Continental, Hong Kong

Looking for a hot new restaurant to check out? Look no further than The Continental in Pacific Place. This restaurant, owned by Swire Hotels, has taken over the space that once housed Domani. If you ever had the opportunity to eat at Domani, you would know that the atmosphere, decor, and food did not disappoint; The Continental is no exception.

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Blue Butcher Review: New Lunch Menu

A few weeks ago Foodie Club teamed up with Maximal Concepts for the first section of their MaxFoodLab challenge: The Ultimate Fast Food Burger.  As part of this partnership, Foodie had 90 burgers to give away from Blue Butcher for lunch over three days. I was lucky and quick enough to get a hold of one of these freebies!

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