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Venetian Dining At SEPA: Restaurant Review

SEPA’s focus on Venetian’s cooking and culture sets it apart from other Italian restaurants in Hong Kong. Specializing in ‘cicheti’ (small dishes that are to be shared), SEPA’s menu ranges from amazing bomba’s and affettati boards, to pasta and seafood. It’s not hard to fall in love with SEPA’s intimate and rustic decor, embodying the designs and cool color palate of Venetian’s iconic buildings. From SEPA’s delicious dishes to its unique interior, it didn’t take me long to became a fan of this traditional Venetian “bacaro”.

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The Venetian Macau

When I asked friends and coworkers about The Venetian Macau, they all talked about how impressive it was in all regards. Under one roof, you’ll find just about everything you could ever imagine, all with an interesting contrast to each other. I was not at all prepared for just how massively massive and all encompassing this hotel/mall/casino/restaurant/Venice look-alike could be. Your trip wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t travel to Taipa to take a walk through or spend a night in (if you’re willing to throw some serious bills down) the Venetian Macau.

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