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Lamma Island Hike (south side): Sok Kwu Wan – Mo Tat – Yung Shue Ha

Lamma Island is well-known for its relatively easy Family Walk; from Yung Shue Wan (the main pier) to Sok Kwu Wan (the ferry pier on the south side). If you’re wanting to head to the island, but are looking for something a bit more challenging, head to the south side of the island. This Lamma Island hike takes you from the Sok Kwu Wan ferry pier, east to Mo Tat Village, south-west along Shek Pai Wan Beach and then back up to the pier. Along this hike, you’ll pass through a few villages, see beautiful views of the south side of Hong Kong Island, and have the opportunity to end your hike at the beach or with a seafood feast along the water.

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Tai O Fishing Village: What to see and eat (and is it worth the trip?)

The Tai O Fishing Village is a popular tourist destination, known for being one of the oldest fishing villages remaining in Hong Kong. Despite its popularity with tourists and locals alike, it took me five years of living in Hong Kong before I finally made the trek out to Tai O. Honestly, I couldn’t really give you a good reason for why I waited so long. The pictures I saw of the village were beautiful and I had been wanting to go for ages, but just kept putting it off as it was so far away. Finally, the opportunity arose for me to hike to the Tai O Infinity Pool, which is right beside the fishing village, so I managed to squeeze the fishing village into my trip as well.

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Four Seasons Toronto Hotel: Understated luxury in Yorkville

The Four Seasons hotels are known worldwide for providing high quality accommodation and service and the Four Seasons Toronto is no exception. Located in Yorkville, it’s the perfect spot to spend some time shopping and exploring the city. I was surprised by and quite liked the simplicity of the hotel’s exterior; there were no big signs indicating it was the Four Seasons Toronto, which I think fits in well with the make-up of Yorkville. Upon entering the hotel, you’ll find that the lobby is modest yet sleek and the service is impeccable. Whether you’re here on business, with your family, or are looking for a little staycation, the Four Seasons Toronto is a great, all-encompassing option.

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Cabana: Soaking up the sun (and champagne) at Repulse Bay

Cabana has been open for quite some time above The Pulse on Repulse Bay Beach, but I could never quite justify paying to lounge on their beach chairs or soak in their onsen baths when a free beach was only steps away. This past Saturday, G.H. Mumm Champagne hosted a “Save Water, Drink Champagne” event that I had the chance to go to and I had a great time. I mean, what’s not to love about a glass of bubbly in hand, a comfy reclining beach lounger, and incredible views of Repulse Bay?!

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Tai Mo Shan Hike, Hong Kong (Shing Mun Reservoir – Needle Hill – Grassy Hill) MacLehose Trail Stage 7 & 8

This is a great hike for people who want something a bit different and challenging (you can only hike Dragon’s Back so many times), but is still relatively easy to get to. You’ll begin this hike at Shing Mun Reservoir, and you’ll go along the trail up to Needle Hill, then move onto Grassy Hill; both of which offer up great views of the surrounding area. From there, you’ll cross Lead Mine Pass, where you’ll likely run into a wild cattle or two, to get to Tai Mo Shan, the tallest peak in Hong Kong. Once at the top, you’ll be able to look down into the Tseun Wan area (here’s to hoping it’s a clear day!). If you’re looking for a tough trail that offers a range of scenery to appreciate along the way, you should try this Tai Mo Shan hike.

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Modern-Korean Brunch At Jinjuu

If you’re feeling bored of the typical western brunches around Hong Kong, look no further than Jinjuu’s modern-Korean weekend brunch to liven things up. With a large semi-buffet of delicious Korean treats like kimbap and their to-die-for Korean Fried Chicken, there’s something for Korean food-lovers as well as those who are looking for more Western-infused dishes. Enjoy the semi-buffet only, or, if you’re feeling quite ravenous and thirsty, you can opt to add on a main course and a dessert platter, and/or Jinjuu’s free-flow package (you’ll be in LKF, after all..). Jinjuu offers a good value brunch with an inviting and open atmosphere, and a good variety of modern-Korean fare.

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Aberdeen Street Social Brunch (At Its Best)

Many brunches in Hong Kong offer great buffet and semi-buffet options with the option of free-flowing drinks and a whole lot of afternoon fun. If you’re wanting to steer clear of the brunch buffet scene (’cause we all need to exercise some self control every once in awhile), there are tonnes of other options throughout the city that offer a fantastic a la carte brunch menu. My most recent find (though this restaurant has been serving up a bomb brunch for awhile now) is Aberdeen Street Social brunch. Basically, if you haven’t been, you need to go. Like, right now. Go. Now.

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Taste Of Hong Kong Preview: Cafe Grey Deluxe, Amber, & Bibo

Beginning in London 12 years ago, Taste has now expanded to 22 different cities around the world. Lucky for us Hong Kongers, Taste is finally making its debut over the weekend of March 10 – 13. Taste of Hong Kong is best viewed as a food festival with a whole lot of class. The restaurants that will be showcasing their specially curated dishes at the event include the likes of Arcane, Duddell’s, Serge et Le Phoque, Tin Lung Heen, Yardbird, and many more. Wondering what to expect? Here’s a sneak peak at a few of the mouth-watering dishes being served at Taste from Cafe Grey Deluxe, Amber, and Bibo.

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New Weekend Brunch Menu At Urban Park

Urban Park has recently launched a new semi-buffet lunch at both their TST and Central locations, and since I can’t resist a good weekend brunch (can anyone?!), I made my way to their Central branch to eat my way into a Saturday afternoon food coma. Urban Park’s weekend brunch consists of an appetizer buffet bar, seafood soup of the day, choice of main, and dessert with coffee or tea for only HK$299. If you’re in the mood to make your brunch boozy, Urban Park also offers three free-flow drink packages.

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Bao Bei: A “Made In Hong Kong” Lounge & Eatery

It seems as though Hong Kong can’t get enough of a good Asian fusion restaurant. Insert newcomer Bao Bei: a “made in Hong Kong” lounge with an emphasis on funky East meets West cocktails and fusion finger food. While I was originally worried that Bao Bei would fall in line with the dozens of other fusion restaurants, I was pleasantly surprised with the fun originality of the cocktails served (take the “Childhood Memory” cocktail, which is made with Vitasoy and comes in an actual Vitasoy bottle) and the satisfying simplicity of the food.

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